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Image - The O-Line
Line 1 news

The O-Line

Tracking progress...

OC Transpo has launched the O-Line, a new information tool to provide regular updates.

Check the O-Line frequently for the latest updates.

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Image - Rack & Roll wraps up for the year
Services news

Rack & Roll wraps up for the year

We have started removing the bike racks from the buses. We can no longer guarantee that any routes will have bike racks.

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Image - Customer Familiarization Opportunities
Line 1 news

Customer Familiarization Opportunities

Are you an individual or group that still wants to get to know O-Train Line 1 a little better?

If so, please consider joining one of our many tours planned in the next six weeks.

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Image - Stations across Ottawa
Line 1 news#ReallyBigServiceChange news

Stations across Ottawa

Over 50 stations across Ottawa are your connection point to neighbourhood destinations and O-Train Line 1 and 2.

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Image - #ReallyBigServiceChange on Oct. 6
Line 1 news#ReallyBigServiceChange news

#ReallyBigServiceChange on Oct. 6

On October 6, bus routes will change to make it easy to connect to O-Train Line 1.

Get ready for the biggest service change in Ottawa's history!

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Image - Travelling to Ottawa destinations
Line 1 news#ReallyBigServiceChange news

Travelling to Ottawa destinations

Quick and easy connections to Ottawa destinations from Line 1.

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Image - Connections to Line 1
Line 1 news#ReallyBigServiceChange news

Connections to Line 1

Line 1 replaces bus routes through central Ottawa with frequent and reliable O-Train service.

From cycling to busing, check out all of the ways that you can connect to the new Line 1 stations.

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Image - What’s changing on Oct. 6
Line 1 news#ReallyBigServiceChange news

What’s changing on Oct. 6

Many bus routes are changing on Oct. 6 to provide better service to O-Train Line 1.

View the list of changing routes and use the Travel Planner to plan your future trip on Line 1.

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Image - Small Talk Saves Lives
Safety news

Small Talk Saves Lives

The value and importance of talking to each other.

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Image - Free Wi-Fi at Line 1 underground stations from TELUS!
Services news

Free Wi-Fi at Line 1 underground stations from TELUS!

Free Wi-Fi is available underground at Lyon, Parliament, and Rideau stations. Cellular coverage is also available underground.

Never miss a call or message while travelling underground!

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Image - Welcome aboard!
Services newsLine 1 news

Welcome aboard!

The O-Train Line 1 is now open!

All bus routes remain in place for 3 weeks. On Oct. 6, the bus network will undergo major changes.

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Image - We’re here to help!
Line 1 news

We’re here to help!

O-Train Ambassadors are here to help! Look for Ambassadors wearing a red vest at Line 1 stations and riding the O-Train.

You can also video-chat with a Customer Service Representative at any ticket machine.

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