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Station safety features

Security features

Our stations are designed to provide our customers with a waiting area that is as safe and secure as possible. Look for these security features at your station:

Call boxes

  • Yellow emergency call boxes are located throughout stations and in each elevator. Press the button and you’ll be connected with Transit Law via intercom.
  • Use them if you or someone else needs help or if you feel threatened.
  • Jeanne d’Arc stations does not have an Emergency call box


  • To make a free, direct, no-dial call to Security— just press the “Security” button found under the number pad.
  • Dominion, Heron, Iris, Jeanne d’Arc, Millennium, Pinecrest, Pleasant Park, Queensway, Riverside, Riverview and Walkley Stations do not have a Bell payphone

Night stop

  • Night Stops are located in central, well-lit areas of major stations
  • After 9 pm use the Night Stop instead of your regular bus stop

Read more about the TRANSECURE Night Stops

Taxi pickup zones

  • If you’re travelling by bus after midnight, and need a taxi to complete your trip home, a taxi will meet you at a designated taxi pickup location at most stations.

Read more about the taking a taxi from a station


  • Closed circuit TV cameras monitor major station platforms 24/7

Surveillance System for Transit Network Access and Privacy Policy

24/7 patrol

Hail any transit vehicle or employee for assistance

If you’re in trouble, you can flag down any OC Transpo vehicle at the station or approach any employee for help!

Station layouts and list of amenities

Station safety tips

  • Keep to well-lit areas after dark or travel with someone if possible.
  • At a stop that serves more than one route, hand-signal the approaching bus you wish to stop so that the driver knows you wish to board.
  • Don’t walk on the Transitway roadway or train tracks except at designated crosswalks. At designated crossings, do not cross when the signals are flashing and look both ways before crossing.
  • Stand back from the edge of the platform. At O-Train stations, do not wait on the platform extenders.
  • Don’t cycle, skateboard or rollerblade in stations — walk your bike and carry your board or skates.
  • If you’re lost or feel sick, harassed or threatened, hail any OC Transpo vehicle, speak to any OC Transpo employee or use the yellow emergency callbox.
  • If you have a child in a stroller, take the elevator to get from one level to another.