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Fare gates

How to use fare gates

Tapping a Presto card at a fare gate

Simply tap or scan your fare to get through the gates.

You can pay for your trip with a smartcard (Presto, U-Pass or STO Multi) or a bus transfer, single-ride ticket or DayPass.

Once you tap or scan at the fare gate, you don't need to tap again on the bus.

Single-ride tickets are available at the ticket machines located just outside the fare gate. These tickets are for immediate use only, and expire at the time indicated, usually 90 minutes from time of purchase.

Your Presto card can only be used to pay for a single passenger at fare gates. This is because the gates do not generate transfers. If you would like to pay for more than one customer at an O-Train station, you can use the ticket machine to buy a single-ride ticket, or buy and instantly load a second Presto card. 

Registered Para Transpo customers now have to pay a fare to access O-Train service.

Customers with a Support Person, CNIB or Attorney General of Ontario card can get a free a-card to open the fare gates. 

No charge Wednesdays and Sundays for seniors

Seniors 65+ ride no charge on Wednesdays and Sundays — but if you're using a fare gate, you will need to use a Presto card set with the senior discount. Then, if you tap your card on a Wednesday, no fare will be deducted and the gates will open to let you through. If you transfer to a bus, do not tap your card onboard!

To exit the station, just walk through and the fare gate will open automatically.