Senior Riders

Free fare special for seniors!

Senior lady riding the bus Seniors 65 and older can ride free all-day on Wednesdays. This offer includes all bus routes and the O-Train, but does not include Para Transpo. Please be prepared to show proof of age to the operator.

Taking transit to go shopping, get to appointments or just visit friends is now more affordable than ever. The best time to travel is weekdays during the mid-day.

Create your own personalized travel plan with the Travel Planner; or if you prefer to call us for your travel planning needs, just dial 613-741-4390.


Most buses are air-conditioned for summer comfort, and all of the buses and the O-Train are fully accessible for easy boarding. The buses can “kneel” or lower to the curb so that boarding is easier.

Priority seating is available near the front of the bus for anyone who has difficulty standing.

If you need assistance to travel, you can get a free Support Person card. The Support Person card will allow someone to accompany you on OC Transpo at no charge when you pay your fare.


The bus operator can help make your trip easier! You can ask the bus operator to:

  • "Kneel" or lower the bus, or extend the ramp so that boarding is easier
  • Make a "priority seating" announcement if you find that all the priority seats are full
  • Wait until you are seated before pulling away from the stop


Seniors 65 and older ride free all day on Wednesdays. This offer includes all bus routes and the O-Train, but does not include Para Transpo. Please be prepared to show proof of age to the operator.

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A discounted monthly pass is available for seniors who are 65 +. The pass lets you ride any route, including the O-Train.

Seniors who pay-per-ride with cash or Presto will save on regular-fare routes - pay just $ with PRESTO or $ cash per trip any day of the week. This is a big savings compared to adult fares.

Transportation Options for Seniors with a disability

Para Transpo

For anyone unable to safely use OC Transpo’s conventional transit service, Para Transpo’s door-to-door service may be an option. Check your eligibility.

    ► More information  on Para Transpo service and registration

Taxi Coupons

The Taxi Coupon program is a pilot project that allows Para Transpo customers to take discounted taxi service as an alternative to Para Transpo. You can book your trip, at your convenience, with participating Ottawa taxi companies and save 40% off the regular taxi fare.

    ► Taxi Coupon program

Rural Transportation Options

If you are a senior citizen living with a physical disability in rural Ottawa, there are many options available to help you travel to, from, or within your community:

  • Rural Community Support Services
  • Para Transpo
  • Taxi Coupon Program
  • Weekly Rural Shoppers' Bus

    ►    More information on Rural transportation options

Other Community transportation options

Through your local Community Support Service (CSS) agency you can arrange for transportation to places such as medical appointments, day programs and grocery stores.

Call 211 to ask where you can call for more information or to get the number of your local CSS. Have a look at the following video which explains these services!

      ► Video describes this transportation option

Built For Accessibility

Confederation Line trains and stations have been designed to ensure full access for all customers.

Built For Accessibility: Find out more


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If you feel threatened let OC Transpo know by calling Transecure or submitting an anonymous online report.

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