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Call 613-560-1000

Automated schedule announcements

Every OC Transpo bus stop has a unique 4-digit number. On the bus stop signs, look for the stop-number printed in the grey bar at the bottom of your bus stop sign.

Call 613-560-1000 plus your 4 digit stop number to hear the next 2 or 3 departure times for buses at your stop, and for the latest schedule updates, including trip cancellations or detours. Schedules are available up to one week in advance.

“560” has been running since 1981, and receives almost 12 million calls each year. The busiest times are cold mornings in January ... that’s when “560” receives over 5,000 calls per hour! 48 separate phone lines ensure you should never get a busy signal.

Locate your 560 bus stop number

You can find your 4-digit 560 bus stop number by using these services:

How to use the 560-1000 service

  1. Dial 613-560-1000.
  2. Enter your 4 digit bus stop number.
  3. Follow the prompts.

If you wish to get real-time bus schedules, text 560560 on your cell! Standard rates apply.

Optional features of 560-1000

Use the * key on your phone to access all the features of 560-1000.

Press To get
* 1 Switch languages.
Change the message from English to French, or French to English.
* 2 Future trip times.
Find out about trip schedules up to six days in advance.
* 3 Choose a different bus stop.
# Repeat last message.
Use this key to repeat a message at any time during your call.
Route number Bump your route to the beginning of the message by entering your route number on the keypad when the schedule announcement starts. For example: Enter 97 to hear next departures on route 97, before you hear departure times for route 95. Otherwise, routes are announced in numerical order.