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Route numbers

We're updating our bus route numbers as part of the New Ways to Bus initiative! We're aiming for more frequent, localized services, we're ensuring seamless connections for you. Expect changes across most routes.

Dive into the details on our New Ways to Bus page

Numbers are organized geographically

  • Confederation Line is Line 1
  • Trillium Line is Line 2
  • Route numbers indicate where a bus travels, and if it connects to the O-Train

Bus route numbering ranges

The O-Train Confederation Line is Line 1. The O-Train Trillium Line is Line 2.

Bus route numbers reflect the route’s service type and geographic area:

Route number summary table

Download accessible table (PDF)

  • The O-Train Lines are numbered 1 (Confederation Line) and 2 (Trillium Line)
  • Last two digits of a route number reflect geographic location of the route’s service area
  • Connexion routes are numbered in the 200s
  • Routes that do not connect to the Line 1 are numbered in the 100s
  • Shopper routes are numbered in the 300s
  • Event routes for major events at the Canadian Tire Centre and Lansdowne are numbered in the 400s
  • School routes are numbered in the 600s