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Route numbers

Numbers are organized geographically

  • Confederation Line is Line 1
  • Trillium Line is Line 2
  • Route numbers indicate where a bus travels, and if it connects to the O-Train

Bus route numbering ranges

The O-Train Confederation Line is Line 1. The O-Train Trillium Line is Line 2.

Bus route numbers reflect the route’s service type and geographic area:

Route number summary table

Download accessible table (PDF)

  • The O-Train Lines are numbered 1 (Confederation Line) and 2 (Trillium Line)
  • Last two digits of a route number reflect geographic location of the route’s service area
  • Connexion routes are numbered in the 200s
  • Routes that do not connect to the Line 1 are numbered in the 100s
  • Shopper routes are numbered in the 300s
  • Event routes for major events at the Canadian Tire Centre and Lansdowne are numbered in the 400s
  • School routes are numbered in the 600s