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Registration & eligibility

For Para Transpo services

Eligibility for Para Transpo is based on a person’s ability to use buses and O-Train, either some or all of the time.

Eligibility categories

Para Transpo offers three categories of eligibility. The categories align with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR O. Reg. 191/11) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 (AODA).

  • Unconditional: A person with a disability that prevents them from using conventional transit.
  • Temporary: A person with a temporary disability that prevents them from using conventional transit. An applicant who qualifies for temporary service requires specialized transit for a defined period of time.
  • Conditional: A person with a disability where environmental or physical barriers limit their ability to consistently use conventional transit. An applicant who qualifies for conditional service may be able to use conventional transit for all or part of their trip, but may also qualify for specialized transit under specific circumstances.

Conditional categories for Para Transpo include:

  • Seasonal: Reliant on weather conditions, such as winter or extreme heat events;
  • Physical Barriers: Travel to or from a non-accessible location;
  • Variable Health Conditions: Where the person’s health or destination may determine if a trip is required;
  • Special / Ticketed Events: Where service is required only for large events where travel on a regular bus / train may be difficult due to large crowds of people.

How to apply

You can drop off your application for Para Transpo in person. Or, you can mail or fax your application:

2121 Carling Avenue, Unit 12
Ottawa, On K2A 1S3
Phone and TTY: 613-218-8417

Application form

Para Transpo application form

Contact Lifemark Health Services (613-218-8417) to receive your application form by mail.

In order for us to consider your application complete, it must be filled in and signed by:

  • The applicant, or legal guardian, power of attorney or authorized caregiver
  • Healthcare professional

Make a copy

Keep a copy of the completed form in case Para Transpo does not receive the original.

Return the completed and signed form

Fax, mail or deliver the application to Para Transpo:

2121 Carling Avenue, Unit 12
Ottawa, ON K2A 1S3
Fax: 613-721-2151

Lifemark hours of operation

Monday to Thursday 8 am to 7 pm
Friday 9 am to 3 pm

Determining eligibility

As of Feb. 5, 2018, Para Transpo contracted the process to determine application and eligibility for Para Transpo service to Lifemark Health Services. Lifemark has qualified health care professionals on staff that have the expertise to review and assess applications to determine an applicant’s functional ability to use conventional transit.

Lifemark staff will review applications and make a decision on the applicant’s eligibility within 14 calendar days of receiving a complete application. If the submitted application form is unclear or incomplete, Para Transpo or Lifemark staff may contact the applicant and/or their health care professional to request additional information or clarification. Lifemark staff may also request that the applicant meet with one of their health care professionals for an in-person functional assessment.

Notifying applicants

On behalf of Para Transpo, Lifemark will inform the applicant of their eligibility by mail. If a decision has not been made within 14 calendar days of having received a complete application, the applicant will be granted temporary eligibility until such time as a decision can be made.

Once approved for Para Transpo service, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform Para Transpo of any change in their disability, personal/contact information, or assistive device.

If the applicant is denied eligibility, the applicant will have the right to appeal. Information on the appeal process will be sent with the eligibility notification letter.

Emergency or compassionate service

Temporary access to Para Transpo may be provided to some customers in fewer than 14 calendar days, where Para Transpo service is needed because of an emergency or on compassionate grounds, and where there are no other accessible transportation services available to meet the applicant’s needs.


Temporary access to Para Transpo is available to:

  • Visitors who are eligible for specialized transit in their community
  • who visit Ottawa for less than four weeks per calendar year

If you are visiting Ottawa, please contact Para Transpo for more information on our visitor policy before filling out this form.

Need more information?

If you have any questions or need help filling in this application:

2121 Carling Avenue, Unit 12
Ottawa, On K2A 1S3
Phone and TTY: 613-218-8417

PLEASE NOTE that Lifemark is only able to provide information on applications. For other questions, please contact Para Transpo.