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Travelling with pets

All OC Transpo and Para Transpo customers are allowed to board with small pets.

Stylized pet carrier

Here are the rules to follow when boarding the bus or train with your pet:

  • Your pet must be secured in a pet carrier at all times
  • When seated, pet carriers must be carried on the customers’ laps
  • When standing, pet carriers must be held by the customer or be placed on the floor at the customers’ feet and out of the way of other customers
  • Pet carriers must not be placed on seats or on top of any wheel well housing
  • Pet carriers must not be placed within aisles so as not to impede customer flow through the vehicle
  • All small pets must be acceptable according to the City of Ottawa’s Animal Care and Control By-law, Schedule B

Among the list of prohibited animals in the by-law: non-domesticated cats and dogs, all snakes larger than three metres, and all predatory or large birds.

Service Animals

Service animals used by persons with disabilities are welcome on board all OC Transpo vehicles.