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Station accessibility features

O-Train stations

O-Train stations have the following features:

  • Tactile wayfinding stipsTactile wayfinding tiles in the floor trace the route through fare-gates, to elevators, platforms and exits

  • Transecure waiting areas on train platforms have benches and tactile/Braille signs indicating the direction of service
  • Dual elevators at all 13 stations
  • Escalators at 9 stations
  • Example of a tactile warning strip and inter-car barrierTactile warning strips and inter-car barriers

  • Black-and-white directional signs throughout the station
  • Maps and signs using high-contrast and legible colours and symbols
  • Back-lit signs stretching the length of the platform provide the station name. The signs are easily visible from inside an arriving train.
  • Digital signs along the platform give real-time departure times for each train
    Example of a display screen showing next train departures

  • Audio announcements of the train’s arrival
  • Service alerts posted on the platform info screens and announced on the public-address system.
  • Accessible fare gates for customers using mobility devices, strollers, and bicycles. Each gate has two card readers at different heights so you can choose the reader that works best for you. Visual and audio feedback let you know your fare was successfully read.
  • Ticket machines have a video and an audio interface. The video-chat option lets you speak with customer service for support. The machines have lit up controls and raised text and Braille instruction panels.

Bus stations

Our bus stations have the following features:

  • Elevators and escalators (at some stations) to help you move from one level to another
  • Walkways and ramps
  • Textured surfaces at most stations warn you when you are close to the platform edge
  • Firm and slip-resistant ground and floors
  • Yellow emergency call boxes to request assistance if you are stranded or concerned about your safety
  • Benches to allow you to sit and rest
  • Example of an info phoneInfo phones with free one-button access to Customer Service to help you plan your trips

  • Emergency phones
  • Service alerts posted on the platform info screens
    Examples of info screens
  • Accessible parking spaces at Park & Ride lots.

Loop System at the Customer Service Centre

Image of counter loopRideau Centre OC Transpo Customer Service Centre has the loop system.

The counter loop is an assistive listening device. It helps communicate with persons who use a hearing aid or cochlear implant.  

The loop’s telecoil (T-switch) can transfer the sound directly to your hearing aids without the interference of background noise.