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Senior riders

No charge for seniors on Wednesdays and Sundays!

Seniors 65 and older ride without charge all day every Wednesday and Sunday. This offer includes all bus routes and the O‑Train, but does not include Para Transpo. If you’re using a fare gate, you will need to use a Presto card set with the senior discount. You may be asked for proof of age when you use a card with this discount. Please be prepared to show proof of age on request.

Get your own personalized trip plan with the Travel Planner. If you would like our help planning your trip, contact us.

To get through the fare gates smoothly on no-charge days, seniors without a Presto Card should contact Customer Service using the video chat function on the Ticket Machine.
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All our vehicles are air-conditioned for summer comfort.

Buses and the O‑Train are fully accessible. For easier boarding:

  • O‑Train doors open at platform level
  • All buses can lower to curb level

If you have difficulty standing:


The best time to travel is weekdays during the mid-day.

The bus operator can help make your trip easier! You can ask the bus operator to:

  • Lower the bus, or extend the ramp for easier boarding
  • Make a “priority seating” announcement when the priority seats are full
  • Wait until you are seated before pulling away from the stop

Example of an announcement sign Buses and trains have an announcement system that calls out upcoming stops. Pay attention to the voice callout or text display to make sure you don’t miss your stop.

If you need assistance to travel, you can get a free a-card. This card will allow someone to ride with you at no charge when you pay your fare.


For the lowest fares, get a Presto card set with the Senior discount.

A discounted monthly pass is available for seniors 65+. The pass lets you ride all routes.

Seniors who pay-per-ride with cash or Presto will also save compared to adult fares. Seniors pay just $2.90 with Presto or $2.95 cash per trip.

No-charge Wednesdays and Sundays for seniors

Seniors 65+ can ride without charge on Wednesdays and Sundays. If you’re using a fare gate, you will need to use a Presto card set with the senior discount. You may be asked for proof of age when you use a card with this discount.

Getting a Presto card set for a Senior discount

On Wednesdays and Sundays:
Tap at the fare gate. Don’t tap on the bus!

Tap your card at the fare gates

Don't tap your card on the bus

Transportation options for seniors with a disability

Para Transpo

If you cannot safely use regular bus and train service, Para Transpo’s door-to-door service may be an option. Check your eligibility.

Taxi coupons

Taxi coupons allow Para Transpo customers to take discounted taxi service as an alternative to Para Transpo. Use taxi coupons at participating cab companies to save 55% off their regular fare.

Rural transportation options

If you are a senior with a physical disability living in rural Ottawa, you have many travel options:

  • Rural Community Support Services
  • Para Transpo
  • Taxi Coupon Program
  • Weekly Rural Shopper’s buses

Other Community transportation options

Your local Community Support Service (CSS) agency can help arrange transportation to medical appointments, day programs and grocery stores.

Call 2-1-1 to get more information or to request the number of your local CSS.