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My Para Transpo FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about My Para Transpo.

Q1. What is My Para Transpo?

A1. My Para Transpo is a new online tool that provides Para Transpo customers the ability to self-serve to book a trip for the next day, cancel a booked trip, track the location of a vehicle for an upcoming trip, and manage their customer profile information. Since December 2020, a working group of customers has been testing the applications to ensure it is ready for launch. Since mid-July 2021 testing has been ongoing by a small group of early adopters, the first version of My Para Transpo is now available to all Para Transpo customers. All functions have been certified for accessibility and meet WCAG 2.0AA standards.

Q2. Will the existing web forms for booking and cancellation still be available?

A2. The Para Transpo booking and cancellation web forms were meant as a temporary measure while My Para Transpo was being developed. The web forms were retired as of September 15, 2022. Please use My Para Transpo, or call us at 613-560-5000 or by teletypewriter (TTY) 613-741-5280.

Q3. What type of enhancements will be available in future versions of the My Para Transpo release?

A3. Several enhancements will be available in future versions of the My Para Transpo.

  1. Functionality that allows designated support persons and institutions to book or manage trips on behalf of their clients Q4, 2022 - Q1, 2023.
  2. Will accessibility standard continue to be improved? Yes, compliance to WCAG 2.1AA is in the scope of work for the project for Phase 5.
  3. When will we get notifications about our trip as part of My Para Transpo? Phase 4 scope of work Q4, 2022 - Q1, 2023 will deliver the capability for all types of trips to receive a agent call/SMS text/scripted phone message/e-mail notification of an upcoming booked trip. As part of the current release, you can still see your trips by logging into the My Para Transpo website on your phone.
  4. Will there be a mobile app? Yes, a mobile app supporting Apple iOS, Google's Android, and Windows platform. The mobile application is developed to specifically work with smartphones and provide a couple of optimizations for smartphone customer use.

Q4. Will we be able to track the location of the vehicle coming to pick us up?

A4. Yes. You will be able to track the location of the vehicle in the trip details on the web page from your computer or by using the mobile-friendly website on your phone.

Q5. Will we get the “Uber” experience?

A5. My Para Transpo will have a lot of the same functions. You can reserve or cancel your trip, track your vehicle, and more on the mobile-friendly website.

Q6. How will I log into My Para Transpo?

A6. You will enroll from the My Para Transpo login page. You’ll be asked for your email, and the system will send you a link, via email, which you can use to complete your enrollment, including setting a password. You can then login with your account by entering your Para Transpo customer number or email address and password at the login page.

Q7.Do I have to have an email address to use the online booking system?

A7. Yes, you will need an email address to use My Para Transpo.

Q8. Will I get confirmation of my bookings or cancellations?

A8. Not at this time. You can track your trips booked or cancelled in the trips calendar or list views in the My Para Transpo application. A notification service solution is being explored as part of a future phase, which will provide reminder via phone, text or email.

Q9. Can I change a booking once it’s been made?

A9. Changes will need to be made over the phone. You can cancel the booking and set up a new booking online.

Q10. Can someone book on my behalf?

A10. A system called WebCare will be available Q4, 2022 - Q1, 2023, which will allow an authorized individual to book on your behalf without you having to provide them your personal password. The customer will need to authorize their access in advance.

WebCare is especially important for group homes, long-term care institutions and day programs, as they can book or cancel trips for groups of people without having to know each person’s password.

Q11. If I’m booking for my partner and I, and we both have Para Transpo customer IDs, should I book them as a companion?

A11. No. Please book your partner under their own customer ID number. This ensures that their contact information is updated, and that we register any other relevant information, such as mobility devices and support persons.

Q12. I work for an institution, and we sometimes use the temporary booking number until our client is registered. Can we book online using the temporary booking number?

A12. Not in this phase of the project. We need certain information from you that can’t currently be collected online, and you should continue to call.

Q13. As an institution, on Fridays, we book for Monday because nobody is on duty over the weekend. Can we do this online using the WebCare program?

A13. Not at this time. In this current phase, My Para Transpo can only accept bookings one day in advance, other than for statutory holidays. Please continue to call.

Q14. I couldn’t book a midnight trip – why?

A14. This is the first version of the program, and we do have a few features that are not yet working, including booking for midnight. Please call 613-560-5000 or use teletypewriter (TTY) 613-741-5280 and we can book your trip.

This issue will be addressed in a future phase of the project.

Q15. I always travel with a wheelchair. Why do I have to select my wheelchair in the mobility devices every time I book?

A15. Not everyone will always travel with their mobility device. As such, even if you have only one mobility device and use it all the time, you will have to select it.

In future phases, we will work to enhance the system to have a mobility device filled out automatically for customers who always travel with the same mobility device.

Q16. Why can’t I cancel my subscription booking for next week? It shows on the calendar, but the cancel option isn’t there.

A16. The online system will not allow you to cancel a trip until it is in the scheduling window, meaning the day prior to the scheduled booking. If you need to cancel earlier, you can cancel by phone or using the existing web form.

Subscription booking cancellations will come in a future phase of the project.

Please note that cancelling a subscription booking the day before is no longer considered a late cancellation, as long as you cancel at least three (3) hours prior to the scheduled trip time.

Q17. When booking a trip, the available time (between trips) isn’t showing the 90 minute later time as an available pick-up time why?

A17. For around 10% of all trips the web application presents the next available time for a trip at 110–120-minute rather than the rule of 90 minutes. OC Transpo is working on a development fix that will improve this. In the meantime, if you are unable to select the 90 minute time you can book the trip through the Customer Service Center.

Q18. Why is the trip count down time not accurate sometimes?

A18. The count down timer is an estimated calculation that is triggered by multiple factors including, functions the driver performs on the tablet to perform a trip and the vehicle locator equipment. For example if a bus is stuck in traffic, the countdown time may increase or if a bus’s vehicle locator equipment isn’t working the time will be an estimate.