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Emergency evacuation procedures

Keeping all customers safe is our top priority.

OC Transpo staff and emergency responders are trained and equipped to handle many types of emergencies. Each response considers the situation and the individual needs of passengers. Responders will always determine the best evacuation strategy for each situation.

If there is an issue with the O-Train, we will move the train to the nearest station so passengers can exit. If this is not possible, we will transfer passengers to another train. They will then be taken to the nearest station.  
If a train-to-train transfer is not possible, responders will help passengers evacuate the train. It is our priority to meet the needs of customers with disabilities, mobility restrictions and those who use mobility devices.

Special emergency rescue carts along the rail line may be used to transport passengers to the closest station if needed. Emergency responders also have their own equipment. There are emergency exits throughout the system, including in the tunnel.

All efforts will be made by staff to ensure a support person, friend or relative can stay with the individual in their care if safe to do so. All staff receive Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) training and will work with customers to determine how best to accommodate them.

Have a question about emergency evacuation procedures? Contact us or use our online feedback form.