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Para Transpo fares

Fares on Para Transpo vehicles

Para Transpo fares can be paid with:

Para Transpo fares effective Jan. 1, 2024

Per ride

Para Transpo fares per single ride
Presto card or ParaPay Cash
Adults & Youth 13+ $3.80 $3.85
Seniors 65+ $2.90 $2.95
Community discount Eligibility
$1.75 n/a
EquiPass discount Eligibility
$1.75 n/a
Children 12  and under No charge

Per month

Para Transpo fares per monthly pass





Youth 13-19


Seniors 65+






(Not available on ParaPay)


Supplement payment of $2.55 per ride is required by Access pass holders on Para Transpo trips.

Rural fare zones

One-way trip

Para Transpo Rural fares per single ride
Exact change only
Flat rate

Children aged 12 and under ride free

Para Transpo Fare Zone Map

Para Transpo Rural Fare Zone Map

There is no fare for Support Persons using Para Transpo as this is covered by the customer fare.

Trips from a rural address to another rural address are only offered through the Taxi coupon program.

Para Transpo Rural Fare Zone Map

DayPasses and multi-day passes

Para Transpo customers or their companions can purchase a DayPass or multi-day pass for use as regular fare on Para Transpo trips.

IMPORTANT: Day Passes apply to regular fares only and are NOT valid for Para Transpo rural zone fares.

A DayPass can be purchased on a conventional bus or at a ticket machine. A Multi-Day Pass may be purchased at a ticket machine only.

For more information about DayPasses and multi-day passes, visit our Where and how to pay page.

Paying with Presto on Para Transpo

Customers can pay for trips on Para Transpo using a Presto card.

Load your Presto card with a monthly pass or load your e-Purse to pay per ride. Simply present your loaded card to the operator when you board. The operator will tap your card on the smartcard reader located at the front of the vehicle.

Find out more about where to buy a Presto card and how to load it.

Pay with a credit card, debit card or mobile wallet

You can pay with a credit card, debit card or mobile wallet if you are paying a regular Adult fare only. Register your credit card at to view your transaction history.

Credit card, debit card or mobile wallet cannot be used to pay the fare of another person.

Daily fare capping

When you pay for a trip by debit card, credit card or mobile wallet, your daily charges will automatically be capped at the price of a DayPass ($11.75) if you take multiple urban trips in one day.

Rural fares will not be capped, but will be discounted after the daily cap total of a DayPass has been reached.

For customers who take a mix of urban and rural or all rural trips, $3.80 from every trip fare will count towards the daily cap of $11.75. 

Once the $3.80 portion of a customer’s fares have totalled $11.75, rural fares will only cost $6.30.

Tap tip: Make sure to pay with the same credit card or mobile wallet each time you pay a fare to benefit from daily fare capping. Fare capping is not available on a Presto card.