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Walkley Station door sign

Walkley Station image

Line Green circle containing a white 2


Walkley Station is nearing completion. It is located south of Walkley Road, near an eastern commercial area. This station will serve the O-Train Line 2. This makes travel faster and easier for residents.
The new station is east of the Southeast Transitway Station on Walkley Road. It will feature steps and elevators from the entrance to the fare paid zone.
Combining signage, architecture, and landscaping, Walkley Station promises to be a standout feature on Walkley Road.

Station layout

Station Layout

Area map for Walkley

Virtual tour

  • Easy navigation: Simply use your mouse and click to explore the station. Click the icons in the bottom left to try different viewing methods.
  • Discover station features: Click on the red and white ‘O’ icons scattered around the station for detailed information about its features.
  • Station status: Note that this tour was recorded during station construction, and is intended as an early sneak peak. Things like missing signage, construction fencing, or covered fare gates won't be present when the station is open.
  • Loading time: After pressing 'Play', please wait momentarily for the tour to load completely for an uninterrupted experience.

Service and stops

Route Direction Stop
44 Hurdman

A & F

44 Billings Bridge E & B
92 Hurdman C & B
92 Greenboro A & D
93 Hurdman B
93 Blossom Park / Leitrim A
96 Hurdman B
96 Merivale A
97 Hurdman B
97 Airport A
98 Hurdman B
98 Hawthorne A
99 Hurdman B
99 Barrhaven Centre / CitiGate A
199 Hurdman B
199 Leikin A
291 Hurdman E & B
291 Walkley A & F
294 Hurdman A
294 Findlay Creek B
299 Hurdman B
299 Manotick A
304 Billings Bridge B
304 Osgoode A
452 Lansdowne B
698 St. Patrick H.S. F
698 Blohm E


Fares made easy

Ticket machine icon

  • Ticket machines with video chat help
  • Fare gates at the station entrance
  • Fare-paid zone for more convenient connections

Navigation and wayfinding

Transit info icon

  • Clear signage and wayfinding
  • Illuminated “O” pylon and lantern box
  • Digital departure screens giving estimated train and bus trip times
  • Service maps
  • Free OC information phones for trip planning help and answers to all your questions
  • Map of nearby destinations (within walking distance)

Cyclist amenities

Cycling icon

  • 40 space bicycle parking shelter
  • Connection to multi-use pathway


Access symbol

  • Dual elevators
  • Audible and visual announcements
  • Tactile wayfinding tiles & platform edge indicator strips
  • Braille/tactile signage

Safety and security

  • Transecure waiting area
  • Emergency phones
  • Platform edge indicator strips
  • Platform Inter track barriers
  • Video camera monitoring

Comfort and convenience

Washroom symbol
  • Heated waiting areas
  • Public art

What's nearby

Places of interest within walking distance

  • Sue Holloway Fitness Park
  • Riverside Park South
  • Otterson Park
  • Linton Park

Also close-by

  • Walkley Centre
  • Preston Park and recreation
  • Riverside Park & Ridgemont
  • Mooney's Bay