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Service Changes

Fall service change banner

Fall service starts Sunday, August 30.

Illustration of a complete door-to-door transit trip.

Our Recovery Plan focuses on keeping everyone safer and more comfortable as they travel – even when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Wear a cloth face mask before entering bus shelters and stations, and while riding the bus, O-Train, and Para Transpo. Read more about the efforts we're taking to keep everyone safer and our travel tips.

If you are not feeling well, stay home and do not to use transit.


Schedule and service changes

As businesses reopen and students return to school, we are making the following schedule adjustments.

Use the Travel Planner or view the route schedules to check if your regular trips are affected.

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Schedules changing for fall service

Schedules on some routes will return to their regular schedules to reflect increased seasonal ridership and the changing needs of our customers due to COVID-19.

On O-Train Line 1 Line 1 icon , trip frequency is increased to every 3 to 4 minutes during the morning peak period.

Some trip times will be adjusted on these routes to provide a more even spacing between trips:

  • Local Route 30
  • Local Route 34

Seasonal reductions on routes going to La Cité and Carleton University will end, returning service to normal fall levels:

  • Replacement bus service for Line    2
  • Frequent Route 10
  • Frequent Route 25
  • Frequent Route 111

Trips are adjusted on these Night routes to reduce the wait times for overnight connections:

  • Night Route 39
  • Night Route 57
  • Night Route 75
  • Night Route 97

Some trips on the following routes will be temporarily suspended to reflect reduced ridership:

  • Rapid Route 61
  • Rapid Route 63
  • Rapid Route 75
  • Rapid Route 99
  • Frequent Route 6
  • Frequent Route 7
  • Frequent Route 10
  • Frequent Route 12
  • Frequent Route 40
  • Frequent Route 44
  • Frequent Route 87
  • Frequent Route 88
  • Frequent Route 111
  • Local Route 5
  • Local Route 9
  • Local Route 16
  • Local Route 18
  • Local Route 19
  • Local Route 46
  • Limited Local Route 66
  • Limited Local Route 93
  • Limited Local Route 179
  • Connexion Route 234
  • Connexion Route 235
  • Connexion Route 236
  • Connexion Route 256
  • Connexion Route 257
  • Connexion Route 270
  • Connexion Route 272
  • Connexion Route 277

Special school services resume

Special school service resumes for high school and middle school students on Thursday, September 3. Special school service is available on some Frequent and Local routes, and all School routes (600-series).

Further adjustments may occur based on the decisions of the Province and school boards relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Service improvements on School routes starting Sept. 3
Route Description of changes
Local route 35Limited Local route 639
  • From École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde: Afternoon departure times shifted to 3:38 pm (previously was 2 min. earlier)
Rapid route 99
  • Serving St. Francis Xavier High School: Afternoon trip departing from Barrhaven Centre shifted to 2:03 pm (previously was 3 min. earlier)
Limited Local route 675
  • Serving Bell High School: will operate in the AM and PM

Bus stop changes

At Place d'Orléans Station, bus stops are changing to reduce platform crowding and to group neighbourhood routes together at one stop.

Routes in the 600-series going to these schools will be affected:

  • Limited Local Route 634 to Mer Bleue High School
  • Limited Local Route 635 to Cairine Wilson Secondary School
  • Limited Local Route 636 to Sir Wilfrid Laurier High School
  • Limited Local Route 638 to St. Matthew High School
  • Limited Local Route 639 to École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde
  • Limited Local Route 678 to Louis Riel High School

Routes affected by bus stop changes starting Aug. 30
Station Affected routes Details
Place d'Orléans

634, 635, 636, 638, 639, 678

New routing to Carleton University

In early October, an extension of Raven Road to connect with Bronson Avenue is expected to be completed. Routes 10, 111, and Line 2 bus will take this new route when servicing Carleton University. These routes will use the bus-only roadway from Raven Road when travelling between Bronson Road and the campus. Until then, the routes will operate on detour, accessing Campus via University Drive.

This routing adjustment reduces travel times and improves service reliability on these routes.

More information coming soon.

Construction detours

Work on Ottawa roads and bridges continues into the fall and could lead to service delays and detours. Check the Alerts page for a full list of ongoing and planned detours.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest service updates: @OCTranspoLive.

Weekend service to summer destinations ends

The last day for weekend service to summer destinations is Monday, September 7 (Labour Day).

Routes with special service ending on Sept. 7
Route Service information
Frequent route 25
  • Summer weekend (and holiday) extension to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum
  • Service every 30 minutes from 9 am to 5 pm

Route 25 map

Limited Local route 139
  • Summer weekend (and holiday) service to Petrie Island
  • Service every 30 minutes from 9 am to 6:30 pm

Route 139 map

Limited Local route 185
  • Summer weekend service (and holiday) to the Experimental Farm and Canada Agricultural and Food Museum
  • Service every 30 minutes from 9 am to 5 pm

Route 185 map