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Service Changes

Spring 2021 service change banner

Spring service begins Sunday, April 24, 2022


Holiday service

Service information for the holidays:
Holiday Date Service information
Victoria Day Monday, May 23 Sunday schedule

Stage 2 construction

Pinecrest Station to Bayshore Station

Map of Pinecrest Station.

Map of Bayshore Station.

The Transitway between Pinecrest Station and Bayshore Station will be permanently closed. Several routes will be impacted. Pinecrest and Bayshore stations will remain open with stops relabelled as A, B, or C.

Additionally, the Highway 417 westbound off-ramp to Pinecrest Road will remain closed until May 1. As a result, several routes will be detoured between Lincoln Fields and Pinecrest stations.

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Blair Station

Blair Station stop E will be permanently closed. Impacted routes will instead service the relocated stop D.

The Transitway between Blair Station and R.R. 174 closed permanently as of February 14.

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Map of Blair Station.

Schedule adjustments

These adjustments reflect seasonal changes in ridership and improvements to service for our customers. Some trip times will be adjusted throughout the network for improved scheduling efficiency. (No change to the number of trips as part of these adjustments.)

Use the Travel Planner or view the route schedules to check if your regular trips are affected.

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Service improvements

On Saturdays and Sundays, the schedules of the following routes will be adjusted to improve reliability of service:

  • R2 Route2
  • Frequent Route 11
  • Frequent Route 25
  • Local Route34
  • Local Route35
  • Local Route42
  • Frequent Route 44
  • Local Route46
  • Local Route55
  • Limited Local Route 56
  • Rapid Route57
  • Frequent Route 80
  • Frequent Route 85
  • Frequent Route 88
  • Rapid Route99
  • Limited Local Route 110
  • Local Route138
  • Local Route168
  • Local Route170

In the afternoon, these Connexion routes will be adjusted to add service to Westboro, Dominion, and Lincoln Fields stations:

  • Connexion Route 252
  • Connexion Route 256
  • Connexion Route 257
  • Connexion Route 261
  • Connexion Route 262
  • Connexion Route 263
  • Connexion Route 264
  • Connexion Route 265
  • Connexion Route 267
  • Connexion Route 268

Adjustments will be made to better serve customer in the areas of Stittsville, River Road and Riverside South, as well as those connecting to night routes:

Service improvements and adjustments
Route Service information
Local Route16

Special trip from the Youville Centre:

  • The afternoon trip will be adjusted to start at 2:40 pm to better accommodate the bell time.
Limited Local Route 67

Limited Local Route 167
Connexion Route 252


  • Route 167: Service will be renumbered as NEW Route 67, bypass Terry Fox Station, and extended to Tunney's Pasture Station eastbound in the morning peak period and westbound in the afternoon peak period. Service will be realigned between Cope and Westphalian to operate along Rouncey Road through the Blackstone neighbourhood.
  • Route 252: Service will be shortened to start at Templeford and Cope in the morning and end at Cope and Northgraves in the afternoon as NEW Route 67 will provide Abbottsville residents with a connection to Line 1 at Tunney's Pasture Station.

Stittsville service map Route 67 map Route 252 map

Limited Local Route 198Connextion Route 299

River Road and Riverside South: Adjustments will be made to serve transit customers in the new area south of Earl Armstrong and in the areas along River Road.

  • Route 198: Will be adjusted to provide two-way peak period service between River Road and Greenboro Station. Two NEW morning peak period northbound trips and two NEW southbound afternoon peak period trips will be added and they will extend south of Earl Armstrong Road to start/end at Borbridge Avenue near River Road.
  • Route 299: Routing will be modified to operate via Borbridge Avenue and Brian Good Avenue between River Road and Earl Armstrong Road. Service will be removed from Riverview Station as Route 99 continues to provide service.

Route 198 mapRoute 299 map

Night Route39 Night Route45 Night Route57 Night Route61 Night Route75 Night Route97

Overnight service: Select trips will have schedule or pattern adjustments to better align with O-Train Line 1 hours of operation.

  • Route N39: Will be adjusted to serve Hurdman Station, improving connections with other late night and overnight routes.

Frequency reductions

The following Connexion routes will be reduced to every hour with no change to first and last trips:

  • Connexion Route 221
  • Connexion Route 231
  • Connexion Route 237
  • Connexion Route 258
  • Connexion Route 261
  • Connexion Route 263
  • Connexion Route 264
  • Connexion Route 270
  • Connexion Route 283

Weekday frequency will be reduced in certain time periods on the following routes, to match seasonal changes in ridership:

  • R2 Route2
  • Frequent Route 10
  • Frequent Route 11
  • Frequent Route 12
  • Limited Local Route 24
  • Frequent Route 25
  • Rapid Route 39
  • Frequent Route 44
  • Limited Local Route 56
  • Limited Local Route 66
  • Limited Local Route 73
  • Rapid Route 75
  • Local Route 84

Select weekday trips will be withdrawn and frequency reduced:

Frequency reductions
Route Service information
R2 Route2

Frequency will be reduced to match seasonal ridership levels at Carleton University.

  • Reduced to every 15 minutes, all day and in both directions.
Frequent Route 25

Frequency will be reduced to match seasonal ridership levels at La Cité.

  • Westbound morning and eastbound afternoon trips between Millennium Station and Blair Station reduced to every 10 minutes.
  • Westbound early morning trips between 5:00 am and 5:30 am will be reduced from every 15 minutes to every 30 minutes.
Frequent Route 40

Between St-Laurent Station and St-Laurent / Conroy:

  • Southbound morning trips from St-Laurent Station to St-Laurent / Conroy will be reduced to every 10 minutes. Southbound morning trips from St-Laurent / Conroy to Greenboro Station will be reduced to every 20 minutes.
  • Northbound afternoon trips from St-Laurent / Conroy will be reduced to every 15 minutes.
Limited Local Route 56

Peak period trips between Tunney's Pasture Station and Civic Hospital will be withdrawn in order to maintain service every 30 minutes along the full length of the route.

Rapid Route57

Southbound late evening trips between 11:45 pm and 12:15 am will be reduced to every 24 minutes.

Rapid Route61

Select peak period trips to/from Cardelrec Recreation Complex will be withdrawn and converted to NEW Route 67 trips to/from Tunney's Pasture Station and bypass Terry Fox Station. Select trips which start/end at Terry Fox Station will be extended to Cardelrec.

Route 61 map

Rapid Route 99

The 12:36 am westbound trip on weekdays from Riverview Station to Barrhaven Centre, will be withdrawn.

The extension of the regular morning trip to Pierre-de-Blois will be adjusted onto the 7:45 am trip from Hurdman Station.

Local Route 171

The 3:45 pm trip from Pierre-de-Blois will be adjusted to start at 3:55 pm.

School service

The following improvements will be made to school service to better accommodate bell times and current ridership:

School service routes
Service information Route

All Saints High School

  • Two trips originally scheduled to arrive at 2:32 pm and depart at 2:39 pm, will be adjusted to arrive at the school at 2:34 pm and depart at 2:41 pm.
Limited Local Route 674

Canterbury High School

  • The 8:30 am trip from Hurdman Station will be withdrawn as it is replaced by the existing 8:39 am trip.
Limited Local Route 48

Colonel By Secondary School, Lester B. Pearson High School, École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde, and École secondaire Béatrice-Desloges

  • Morning trips will be extended to start at Chapel Hill Park and Ride instead of Renaud.
Limited Local Route 612Limited Local Route 622

École secondaire publique Louis-Riel

  • Morning trips will be adjusted to start at 8:09 am, 8:18 am, and 8:24 am to better accommodate the 8:45 am bell time.
  • The 8:28 am trip from Blair Station will be removed.
Frequent Route 28

École secondaire publique Pierre-de-Blois

  • Supplemental 8:07 am trip from Hurdman Station will be shortened to start at Spratt/Limebank.
  • The afternoon supplemental school trip will be shortened to end at Spratt/Limebank.
  • The duplicate afternoon school trip will be removed and 3:47 pm trip from Pierre-de-Blois will be shifted to start at 3:38 pm.
Rapid Route 99

Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School

  • The two 3:32 pm trips will be withdrawn and the earlier trips at 3:10 pm will be adjusted to 3:00 pm.
Local Route 171

Merivale High School

  • One afternoon trip on Route 680 will be converted to Route 80
Frequent Route 80Limited Local Route 680

Sir Robert Borden High School

  • The 7:57 am trip from Baseline Station will be withdrawn. Students can take the 8:00 am trip.
Local Route 84

St. Paul High School

  • The 7:18 am trip will be adjusted to loop around Morrison onto Draper to serve the stop in front of the school.
Local Route 58

Seasonal adjustments

Rack & Roll expands!

All buses on our network will be equipped with a bike rack in the spring so riders can continue to rack and roll.

NCC Weekend Bikedays

Every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday Monday, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, vehicles will not be able to access the westbound lane of the Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway. Many people will walk, skateboard, bike, or inline skate along the Parkway as part of NCC Weekend Bikedays.

The following routes will be detoured during the NCC Bikedays events with minimal impacts to service:

  • Rapid Route 57
  • Rapid Route 61
  • Rapid Route 62
  • Rapid Route 63
  • Rapid Route 74
  • Rapid Route 75
  • Frequent Route 87

Check the Alerts page for more information about this detour.

Read more about NCC Weekend Bikedays