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Detours / Route changes (2)

Detour on Gladstone/Elgin Routes 14, 114 (Construction)

Routes: 14, 114

Date effective: February 07, 2020

Gladstone/Elgin will be closed for road work from Friday, Feb. 7 at 9 am to Friday, Feb. 28 at 5 pm. Route 14 & 114 will be on detour.

Detour Routing

Route 14: From Gladstone/O’Connor, O’Connor, Argyle, Elgin to continue on normal routing

Route 114: From Gladstone/O’Connor, O’Connor, Argyle, Elgin to continue on normal routing

Stops Not In Use:

Gladstone (South side) at Elgin 7671 please use stop 2468

Gladstone (South side) at Metcalfe 7670 please use stop 7669

Detour on Gladstone/Elgin Routes 14 & 114

Route 228 Service Change

Routes: 228

Date effective: January 27, 2020

Monday, January 27 2020, Route 228 trip times are being adjusted to help improve the operation of the route. Trip times will shift up to seven mintues earlier.

Please check the printed schedule, call 613-560-1000, text 560560 or go to our Travel Planner for the latest schedule information.

Route 228 Schedule

Route 228 Schedule

Stations & Elevators (4)

Construction at Trim Park & Ride

Stations: Trim

Date effective: February 12, 2020

Starting on Wednesday, Feb. 12 and for about one week, Stage 2 construction activities will take place at the Trim Park & Ride. The number of parking spots available will be reduced. Approximately 40 spaces will be affected. Service will not be affected.

Longfields Station: Elevator

Stations: Longfields

Date effective: February 05, 2020

Longfields NB elevator # 49:

The Northbound elevator at Longfield Station is out of service for unforeseen maintenance. We expect the elevator to be out of service for a few days and regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Customers are advised to use the pedestrian pathways to get from one level to another.

For Travel Planning assistance, please call 613-741-4390 or press the free “Info” button on any Bell telephone in the station. For emergency assistance, use the nearest yellow emergency callbox.

Update: Problem with train departure announcements at Blair

Stations: Blair

Date effective: January 30, 2020

Train departure announcements on the Blair station Line 1 platforms are not working. We are working to fix this in the 3 to 4 weeks. O-Train Ambassadors at Blair Station can provide help as needed at all times of the day.

Lycée Claudel Elevators and Tunnel Closure

Stations: Lycée Claudel

Date effective: August 05, 2019

Starting Monday, Aug. 5, Lycée Claudel Station will undergo repairs. During this time, both elevators and the pedestrian tunnel will be out of service. A crosswalk will be setup on the south end of the platforms. A ramp to the Transitway level has been installed next to the station entrance.

The tunnel is expected to reopen in March 2020.

Lycée Claudel Tunnel Closure