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Vehicle accessibility features


ISA SymbolAll of OC Transpo's buses are accessible. They are identified with the blue and white ISA (International Symbol of Accessibility) wheelchair symbol.

The following features can help you get around on the bus:

  • Kneeling feature that allows the bus to lower to the curb so the first step is easier
  • Ramp for easy boarding, with slip-resistant surface and raised edges to prevent your assistive device, wheelchair, walker or scooter from rolling off
  • Cooperative or priority seating near the front of the bus for persons with disabilities and other customers who may have difficulty standing on a moving bus
  • Two allocated spaces for persons with assistive devices. Each of these spaces come equipped with stability belts, so you can secure your device. A stop-request button is also located nearby. When pushed, it sounds a dual-tone and turns on a different stop light on the bus operator's dashboard, indicating the ramp is needed.
  • Automatic announcement of next stops over the speaker system inside the bus: Next Stop Announcement System (NSAS)
  • Audible exterior announcements of the route and destination of the arriving bus, from a speaker located outside its front door
  • Visual display of the next stop, bus route, destination and time on a sign inside the bus
  • Visual warning light and audible alarm when the kneeling feature or ramp are being raised or lowered
  • Slip-resistant, low-glare floors
  • Lights to illuminate the doorway, passages and inside of bus during the loading and unloading of customers
  • Colour-contrasted handholds and grab bars


These features can help you get around on the O-Train:

  • Accessible entrances at both ends of the platform for easy boarding
  • Cooperative seating near the train's entrances for persons with disabilities and for those who may have a hard time standing on a moving train
  • Two spaces for persons with mobility devices just inside the accessible entrance.
  • Automatic announcement of next stops over the speaker system inside the train
  • Visual display of the next stop and time inside the train
  • Slip-resistant, low-glare floors
  • Lights at the entrances and inside the train to help you board and exit
  • Handholds and grab bars

At several stations, there are extenders that lead from the platform to the accessible car. With slightly different train suspensions, track changes with the freezing or warming of the seasons, and a diversity of mobility devices in use, customers may notice changes in the ease of boarding.