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Tunney’s Pasture

Tunney's Pasture Station door sign
Trains arriving at Tunney's Pasture Station
Tunney's Pasture Station interior
Tunney's Pasture Station exterior
Gradient Space by Derek Root

Tunney’s Pasture Station is the westernmost point of the O-Train Confederation Line. The station will be a major transfer point for communities in the city’s south and west ends. It will bring train service to Tunney’s Pasture government office campus.

Stops and Service

Route Service type Direction Stop
1 O-Train Blair East
11 Frequent Bayshore D
11 Frequent Parliament E
14 Frequent St-Laurent D
16 Local Main E
16 Local Westboro D
50 Local Lincoln Fields D
51 Frequent Britannia D
53 Frequent Carlington D
54 Local Tunney's Pasture E
56 Local King Edward E
57 Rapid Bells Corners/Bayshore B
N57 Night Rideau C
N57 Night Bayshore C
58 Local Moodie D
61 Rapid Terry Fox/Stittsville B
61 Rapid Gatineau E
N61 Night Rideau C
N61 Night Terry Fox C
62 Rapid Terry Fox/Stittsville B
63 Rapid Briarbrook B
63 Rapid Gatineau E
64 Local Morgan's Grant B
66 Local Kanata-Solandt B
66 Local Gatineau E
73 Local Leikin F
74 Rapid Riverview F
75 Rapid Cambrian/Barrhaven Centre F
75 Rapid Gatineau E
N75 Night Rideau C
N75 Night Barrhaven Centre C
80 Frequent Barrhaven D
81 Local Clyde D
82 Local Bayshore F
83 Local Viewmount F
84 Local Centrepointe F
86 Local Baseline D
87 Frequent Baseline D
89 Local Colonnade D
153 Local Carlingwood D
164 Local Stonehaven A
252 Connexion Fernbank A
256 Connexion Bridlewood A
257 Connexion Bridlewood A
258 Connexion Crystal Beach A
261 Connexion Stittsville Main A
262 Connexion West Ridge A
263 Connexion Stanley Corners A
264 Connexion Kanata Lakes A
265 Connexion Beaverbrook A
267 Connexion Glen Cairn A
268 Connexion Kanata Lakes A
270 Connexion Cedarview G
271 Connexion Stoneway G
272 Connexion Cobble Hill G
273 Connexion Tartan G
275 Connexion Cambrian G
277 Connexion Nepean Woods G
278 Connexion Riverside South/Sud G
282 Connexion Trend-Arlington G
283 Connexion Richmond G
284 Connexion Knoxdale G

Station features

Fares made easy

Ticket machine icon

  • Ticket machines with video chat help
  • Fare gates at the station entrance
  • Fare-paid zone for more convenient connections

Navigation and wayfinding

Transit info icon

  • Clear signage and wayfinding
  • Illuminated “O” pylon and lantern box
  • Digital departure screens giving estimated train and bus trip times
  • Service maps
  • Free OC information phones for trip planning help and answers to all your questions
  • Map of nearby destinations (within walking distance)

Cyclist amenities

Cycling icon

  • Bicycle parking shelter
  • Stairway bike ramps (runnels) to let you easily walk your bike up and down stairs
  • Connection to multi-use pathways


Access symbol

  • Dual elevators
  • Escalator
  • Audible and visual announcements
  • Tactile wayfinding tiles & platform edge indicator strips
  • Braille/tactile signage
  • Accessible washrooms 

Safety and security

  • Transecure waiting area
  • Emergency phones
  • Platform edge indicator strips
  • Video camera monitoring

Comfort and convenience

Washroom symbol
  • Public washrooms
  • Retail space (not yet occupied)
  • Heated designated waiting areas
  • Public art

What's nearby

Places of interest within a 5-minute walk of Tunney's Pasture Station

Places of interest within walking distance

  • Tunney's Pasture government office complex
  • Holland Cross

Also close-by

  • Westboro, Wellington West and Hintonburg communities
  • Parkdale Market
  • Cycling and walking pathways along the Ottawa River

Check your platform number before heading downstairs

Train departures alternate between platforms 1 & 2.  As you enter the concourse, a departure screen provides the time and platform of the next train. An audio message repeats this information about every minute.

Finding your platform

 TrainPlatform 1

Platform 1 is on the north side of the rails. To get there:

  • Use a staircase on the north side of the concourse, towards the bus platform. A large black-and white sign above the stairs marks the platform number.
  • Use the north elevator. Tactile wayfinding strips lead you there. The elevator directory confirms the platform number.
 TrainPlatform 2

Platform 2 is located on the south side of the rails, towards Scott Street. To get there:

  • Use a staircase on the south side of the concourse. A large black-and white sign above the stairs marks the platform number.
  • Use the south elevator. Tactile wayfinding strips leads you there. The elevator directory confirms the platform number.

Line 1 trains depart every 5 minutes or less at rush hour. All trains are headed to Blair. If you have ended up on the wrong platform, you may choose to remain where you are. Another train will arrive shortly.