Station layouts and amenities

Transit stations are gateways from every urban community to fast and Frequent service 7 days a week on Rapid (Transitway) routes and the O-Train Trillium Line.

Stations are often located next to a major shopping centre or employment area and many feature nearby or on-site Park & Ride lots. As many other bus routes —Local, Frequent and peak-period Connexion— connect to them, transit stations offer convenient transfer points for customers.

Rapid Transit Network
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Construction is also well underway for thirteen new multimodal O-Train stations that will open along the new Confederation Line in 2018.

Travelling safely through Transitway Stations

Station Maps

Closed Stations: Campus / Cyrville       

Stop # Station Layout
w/ route info
Area Map Gold Permit
Parking Map
Baseline 3017

Baseline station layout - spring 2018
Baseline station layout - summer 2018

Baseline area map Baseline gold permit
parking map
Bayshore 3050

Bayshore station layout - spring 2018
Bayshore station layout - summer 2018

Bayshore area map  
Bayview 3060

Bayview station layout - spring 2018
Bayview station layout - summer 2018

Bayview area map  
Beatrice 3049

Beatrice station layout - spring 2018
Beatrice station layout - summer 2018

Beatrice area map  
Billings Bridge 3034

Billings Bridge station layout - spring 2018
Billings Bridge station layout - summer 2018

Billings Bridge area map  

Blair station layout - spring 2018
Blair station layout - summer 2018

Blair area map Telesat gold permit
parking map
Canadian Tire
Centre (CTC)

CTC station layout 

CTC area map  
Carleton 3062 Carleton station layout


Carling 3061

Carling station layout

Dominion 3013

Dominion station layout - spring 2018
Dominion station layout - summer 2018

Dominion area map  
Eagleson East 3055

Eagleson East station layout - spring 2018
Eagleson East station layout - summer 2018

Eagleson East area map Eagleson East gold permit
parking map
Eagleson West 5855

Eagleson West station layout - spring 2018
Eagleson West station layout - summer 2018

Eagleson West area map  
Fallowfield 3043

Fallowfield station layout

Fallowfield area map Fallowfield gold permit
parking map
Greenboro 3037

Greenboro station layout

Greenboro area map Greenboro gold permit
parking map
Heron 3035

Heron station layout - spring 2018
Heron station layout - summer 2018

Heron area map  
Hurdman 3023

Hurdman station layout - spring 2018
Hurdman station layout - summer 2018

Hurdman area map  
Innovation 3057

Innovation station layout - spring 2018
Innovation station layout - summer 2018

Innovation area map  
Iris 3016

Iris station layout - spring 2018
Iris station layout - summer 2018

Iris area map  
Jeanne d'Arc 3070

Jeanne d'Arc station layout - spring 2018
Jeanne d'Arc station layout - summer 2018

Jeanne d'Arc area map  
Laurier 3020

Laurier station layout - spring 2018
Laurier station layout - summer 2018

Laurier area map  
LeBreton 3010

LeBreton station layout - spring 2018
LeBreton station layout - summer 2018

LeBreton area map  
Lees 3022

Lees station layout

Lees area map  
Leitrim 3041

Leitrim station layout

Leitrim area map  
Lincoln Fields 3014

Lincoln Fields station layout - spring 2018
Lincoln Fields station layout - summer 2018

Lincoln Fields area map  
Longfields 3046

Longfields station layout

Longfields area map  
Lycée Claudel 3030

Lycée Claudel station layout - spring 2018
Lycée Claudel station layout - summer 2018

Lycée Claudel area map  
Mackenzie King 3000

Mackenzie King station layout - spring 2018
Mackenzie King station layout - summer 2018

Mackenzie King area map  
Marketplace 3047

Marketplace station layout - spring 2018
Marketplace station layout - summer 2018

Marketplace area map  
Millennium 3076

Millennium station layout

Millennium area map  
Moodie 3042

Moodie station layout - spring 2018
Moodie station layout - summer 2018

Mooney's Bay 3063

Mooney's Bay station layout

Nepean Woods 3048

Nepean Woods station layout - spring 2018
Nepean Woods station layout - summer 2018

Nepean Woods area map  
Pinecrest 3019

Pinecrest station layout - spring 2018
Pinecrest station layout - summer 2018

Pinecrest area map  
Place d'Orléans 3028

Place d'Orléans station layout - spring 2018
Place d'Orléans station layout - summer 2018

Place d'Orléans area map  
Park & Ride --
Place d'Orléans

Place d'Orléans station layout - spring 2018
Place d'Orléans station layout - summer 2018

Place d'Orléans area map Place d'Orléans gold permit
parking map
Pleasant Park 3033

Pleasant Park station layout - spring 2018
Pleasant Park station layout - summer 2018

Pleasant Park area map  
Queensway 3015

Queensway station layout - spring 2018
Queensway station layout - summer 2018

Queensway area map  
Rideau 3009

Rideau station layout

Rideau area map  
Riverside 3032

Riverside station layout - spring 2018
Riverside station layout - summer 2018

Riverside area map  
Riverview 3040

Riverview station layout

Riverview area map  
Smyth 3031

Smyth station layout - spring 2018
Smyth station layout - summer 2018

Smyth area map  
South Keys 3038

South Keys station layout

South Keys area map  
St-Laurent 3025

St-Laurent station layout - spring 2018
St-Laurent station layout - summer 2018

St-Laurent area map  
Strandherd 3044

Strandherd station layout

Strandherd area map  
Terry Fox 3058

Terry Fox station layout

Terry Fox area map  
Train 3024

Train station layout

Train area map  
Trim 3029

Trim station layout 

Trim area map Trim gold permit
parking map
Tunney's Pasture 3011

Tunney's Pasture station layout - spring 2018
Tunney's Pasture station layout - summer 2018

Tunney's Pasture area map  
Walkley 3036

Walkley station layout - spring 2018
Walkley station layout - summer 2018

Walkley area map  
Westboro 3012

Westboro station layout - spring 2018
Westboro station layout - summer 2018

Westboro area map  


Station Amenities

Most stations have Emergency call boxes, Bell payphone and an OC Transpo Information Line with the following exceptions:

  • Dominion, Heron, Innovation, Iris, Jeanne d'Arc, Millennium, Pinecrest, Pleasant Park, Queensway, Riverside, Riverview and Walkley Stations do NOT have a Bell payphone and OC Transpo Information Line, though they do have Emergency call boxes.
  • Jeanne d’Arc Station does NOT have an Emergency call box.
  • Lees Station does NOT have an Emergency call box*, Bell payphone or an OC Transpo Information Line.
(560 #)
Park & Ride Elevator Other Amenities
yes   Bike rack/shelter, Bike repair station, Drop-off zone, Night Stop, Taxi pick-up, Transit Information Screen
  yes Bike rack/shelter, Bike repair station, Taxi pick-up, Quickie, Transit Information Screen
    Bike rack/shelter, Taxi pick-up, Access to O-Train station, O-Train tickets
    Bike rack/shelter
Billings Bridge
  yes ATM, Night Stop, Bike rack/shelter, Taxi pick-up, Transit Information Screen
yes   Bike rack, Taxi pick-up
Canadian Tire Centre
    O-Train station, Ticket machine
    O-Train station, Ticket machine, Bike rack/shelter, Multi-use pathway access
    Bike rack/shelter
Eagleson East
yes   Bike rack, Bike repair station, Drop-off zone
Eagleson West
yes   Bike rack/shelter, Drop-off zone, Taxi pick-up
yes   Bike rack/shelter, Bike repair station, Drop-off zone, Greyhound Bus Stop, Taxi pick-up, VIA Rail station
yes yes Bike shelter, Bike repair station, Drop-off zone, Taxi pick-up, Access to O-Train station, Ticket machine, Transit Information Screen
    Bike rack/shelter, Drop-off zone, Taxi pick-up
yes   Bike shelter, Bike Repair Station, Drop-off zone, Multi-use pathway w/ access to the Richcraft Recreation Complex
    Bike rack/shelter, Taxi pick-up
Jeanne d'Arc
yes   Bike rack/shelter
    Greyhound bus stop
    Bike rack/shelter 
  yes Bike rack, Taxi pick-up
yes   Bike rack/shelter, Drop-off zone
Lincoln Fields
  yes ATM, Bike rack/shelter, Drop-off zone, Night Stop, Taxi pick-up, Customer Service Centre, Gateway Newstand, Transit Information Screen
  yes Bike rack
Lycée Claudel
  yes Drop-off zone,  Taxi pick-up
Mackenzie King
  yes Customer Service Centre (in the Rideau Centre), Escalator, Transit Information Screen
    Drop-off zone, Multi-use pathway access
Mooney's Bay
    O-Train station, Ticket machine
Nepean Woods
yes   Bike rack/shelter, Drop off zone
    Bike rack/shelter
Place d'Orléans
(3028) (P&R: 3075)
yes yes Customer Service Centre, ATM, Bike rack/shelter, Bike repair station, Night Stop, Taxi pick-up, Greyhound bus stop, Gateway Newstand, Transit Information Screen
Pleasant Park
  yes Taxi pick-up
  yes Bike rack
    Customer Service Centre (in the Rideau Centre), STO service
  yes Access to The Ottawa Hospital, Riverside Campus
yes   Bike rack/shelter, Drop-off zone
  yes Taxi pick-up
South Keys
  yes Bike rack, Drop-off zone,  Night Stop, Taxi pick-up, Transit Information Screen
  yes  Bike repair station, Customer Service Centre, Escalator, Night Stop, Taxi pick-up, Transit Information Screen
yes   Bike rack/shelter, Bike repair station, Drop-off zone, Taxi pick-up
Terry Fox
yes   Bike rack/shelter, Drop-off zone, Night Stop, Taxi pick-up, Transit Information Screen
  yes Taxi pick-up
yes   Bike shelter, Drop-off zone, Taxi pick-up
Tunney's Pasture
  yes Bike rack/shelter, Taxi pick-up, Voyageur bus stop, STO service
  yes Bike rack/shelter, Bike repair station, Taxi pick-up, Greyhound bus stop


Where Will I Buy My Fare?

Ticket machines at all O-Train stations will provide a full range of fare payment options.

Where Will I Buy My Fare?: Find out more

Courtesy and Respect

Transit is a shared space and everyone is entitled to a safe and harassment-free ride.

Built For Safety

Confederation Line stations and trains have been carefully designed to provide a safe environment.

Built For Safety: Find out more

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