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For Travel Planning assistance at a Transitway Station, please call 613-741-4390 or press the free "Info" button on any Bell telephone in the station. For emergency assistance, use the nearest yellow emergency callbox.

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Cancelled Trips Icon Cancelled Trips

85 Bayshore - Cancelled Trip February 21, 2017 Route 85Read More

The trip is cancelled from Mackenzie King bridge 13:28 to Bayshore station 14:28. Next trip is 15 minutes later.

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Detours Icon Detours

Queen St. Closure, Bank to O’Connor           (until further notice) April 25, 2016 Route 4Read More

NOTE: With the re-opening of Rideau St. to buses, eastbound routes 9 Hurdman and 12 Blair are no longer on detour and return to ther regular routing.

Route 4 continues on detour until further notice, due to the closure of Queen St. between Bank and O'Connor. 

Detour Routing:
  •  Route 4 Rideau Centre (eastbound) will serve the stop on Slater at Bay, continue on Slater, Elgin, Wellington and then continue on Rideau to the Rideau Centre.
  •  Route 4 Carleton (westbound) will serve the stop on Elgin at Queen and then continue on Elgin and Albert.

Bus stops (560 #) NOT in use:
           # 7561 -- Queen St. (south-side) at Bank 
           # 1368 -- Queen St. (south-side) at Kent      
           # 1512 -- Queen St. (south-side) at Metcalfe

Map for Route 4, Queen St. Detour

For service on Route 4 eastbound, please catch your bus at:
          # 3006 -- Slater (south-side) at Kent 
          # 3007 -- Slater at Bank
          # 3008 -- Slater (south-side)at Metcalfe
For service on Route 4 westbound, please catch your bus at:
          # 3001 -- Albert (north-side) at Metcalfe
          # 3002 -- Albert (north-side) at Bank
          # 3003 -- Albert (north-side) Kent

General Service Change

Winter Service Change                                       (until April 22, 2017) December 25, 2016Read More

    ► More Winter Service Change Information

Winter Service Highlights:

  • New winter schedules take effect on most routes on Christmas Day, Sunday,  December 25, 2016. Use the Travel Planner to find the best options for your travel this winter.
  • Reduced schedules in place over the Holidays
  • We’re getting ready for rail! Express route changes in preparation for 2018 multimodal service and the launch of the O-Train Confederation Line:
    • Converting expresses to 200-series Connexion Routes, routes get new numbers but continue serving same local stops
    • We’re getting rid of the express premium on Jan. 1! If you normally purchase (or Auto-renew) an Express pass, make the switch to a regular pass for January at
    • Afternoon stop changes for west-end Connexion (express) routes: most will bypass Westboro, Dominion, Lincoln Fields, Pinecrest and Baseline
  • Kanata/Stittsville Connexion (express) routes will all serve Bayshore for better connections to Carling Campus on Moodie
  • Combining local and express routes to reduce duplication of service: Routes 30 and 130 combine into revised Route 30, and Routes 120 and 20A become new Route 33
  • Improved service to Kanata North
    • Innovation Park & Ride opens at corner of Innovation and Terry Fox: Routes 63, 64, 165, 166, 660 & 674 all provide service
    • Route 93 becomes new all-day Route 63 and revised Route 64
  • New fares go into effect Jan. 1
  • Route 5 split in two at the Rideau Centre: Route 5 now runs from Billings to the Rideau Centre and Route 19 from Bank at Albert/Slater to St-Laurent (via Mackenzie King Station)

Route Service Change

Route 269: Timing adjustment of earliest trip February 13, 2017 Route 269Read More

Starting Monday, February 13, 2017, the first morning trip on Route 269 to Mackenzie King will be adjusted to start its trip 8 minutes early.

  • The first trip will now depart from Pine Hill and Windfield at 5:30 am.

This is a permanent change being made to better accommodate customers’ work schedules.

Routes 63 / 64 eastbound: some Transitway stops change to ‘drop-off / on request only’ February 2, 2017 Route 63, 64 (eastbound trips)Read More

Starting Thursday, February 2, 2017, all eastbound trips on Routes 63 and 64 will be ‘off-only, on request’ at the stops at Lincoln Fields (Stop 2A), Dominion, and Westboro Stations. On the upper level stop of Queensway Station, the  ‘off only, on request’ is applicable  for all trips, all day. This is a permanent change. NOTE: Eastbound Routes 63 & 64 buses will NOT stop at the station stops listed above, even if flagged down.

Route 63 map      |      Route 64 map


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