New trains

Image text: New vehicles

Quick, reliable, spacious, quiet

  • Room for 600 passengers per two-car train
  • Electric trains with zero emissions
  • Audio and visual station announcements

The O-Train Confederation Line will be served by 17 trains, each made up of two Alstom Citadis Spirit cars. Each two-car train will be able to accommodate up to 600 passengers — 240 seated and 360 standing.

With trains arriving every 5 minutes or less at rush hour, the Confederation Line will be able to carry up to 10,700 passengers per hour, each way.

With 14 fully accessible double doors per train and long and spacious platforms, boarding will be quick and easy.

Alstom Citadis Spirit

Alstom Citadis Spirit train exteriorAlstom Citadis Spirit train interior

Vehicle features

  • Designed for winter:
    • Strengthened insulation
    • Double-glazed panoramic windows
    • Individual car heating
    • Heated floors
  • Safe and accessible:
    • Next-station announcement system with digital screens announcing approaching stations
    • Emergency passenger intercoms
    • 100% low-floor trains with large entrances level with the station platforms
    • High visibility grab bars
    • Door operating controls at accessible heights
    • Eight cooperative seating areas per train located beside every door
    • Slip-resistant, low-glare floors
  • Environmentally-friendly
    • 100% electric
    • Zero train emissions
    • Regenerative braking system providing power to other trains on the line

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