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The O-Train Trillium Line is an eight-kilometre light-rail service running from Greenboro Station in the south to Bayview Station just west of downtown Ottawa.

Today's departure times:




For departure times on other days, check the schedule.

You can also find out the current schedule by texting 560560 or calling 613-560-1000 plus your 4-digit stop number:

Greenboro 3037
Confederation 3063
Carleton 3062
Carling 3061
Bayview 3060


  • Regular route fares apply.
  • Registered Para Transpo customers ride for free! Please have your registration number on hand.
  • Kids 5 and under ride for free!
  • You need to have a Proof of Payment (POP) when you are on the platform and once onboard. Presto card users need to tap on at the reader on the platform.

Fare options

Bus tickets are not accepted as O-Train fare.

Accepted fares:

  • Cash: trade in exact fare for an O-Train ticket at the vending machine (machine does not give change) at the entrance to the platform.
    • Ticket machines accept coins (except pennies) and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express)
    • If there is a machine error and your ticket does not print, your money will be refunded automatically
  • PRESTO card: e-Purse and monthly passes
  • Bus transfer
  • DayPass: you can buy a DayPass from the ticket vending machine at the entrance to the platform
  • Regular bus pass
  • STO bus passes and bus transfers
  • Kids 5 and under ride free on the O-Train
  • Registered Para Transpo customers can ride the O-Train for free but need to give their registration number on request

O-Train Tickets on Buses

O-Train tickets are accepted as regular fare on buses. You will need to pay a top-up to transfer to express routes.

If you purchase an O-Train ticket to ride the O-Train and then transfer to a bus, keep your O-Train ticket to use as your Proof of Payment (POP).


The O-Train is fully accessible to people with mobility devices.

  • The O-Train can accommodate assistive devices up to 30 inches (762 mm) wide by 60 inches (1525 mm).
  • People with wheelchairs, mobility aids, or with strollers can board the train at either of the two entrances.
  • The designated accessible areas aboard the train are located near each entrance. If the fold-down seats are taken, politely ask the occupants for their seats. You can use the emergency intercom near the doors to ask the operator to make a priority-seating announcement.
  • Remember to set your brakes.

Rider tips & safety

First-time riders

If you are a new O-Train rider, please take the time to get familiar with the train's emergency features, which include emergency maps and diagrams, emergency brakes and an intercom system. 

In case of emergency

  • Follow the operator's instructions
  • If you need to speak with the operator in an emergency, such as passenger illness or a disturbance, use the intercom located near each exit door

Station safety

  • Stay clear of the tracks, except at designated pedestrian crossings. At Carleton University, you should cross at the underpass just south of the station.
  • Do not cross when the signals are flashing. The trains are quiet and can approach more quickly than they appear to be travelling.
  • Report vandalism or other transit security issues
    • Call 613-741-2478
    • Use the yellow emergency callbox found in the station shelter
    • Use the free auto-dial button on each payphone to connect to Security

Station platforms are patrolled by Transit Special Constables. If you need help, ask any OC Transpo employee or use a yellow emergency callbox. 


  • On the platform, stay clear of  the yellow platform edge until the train is fully stopped. Do not wait on the extenders.
  • Be sure you have your fare at hand
  • Wait until passengers exit before boarding
  • To open the doors, press the exterior door button when it turns green. Never pry open or hold open the doors


  • Board at the door with the bicycle logo
  • Stay in the designated area next to the door and hold onto your bike


  • The train stops automatically at each station. You do not need to request your stop.
  • When your stop is announced, make your way to an exit. When the green button on the door lights up, press it to open the doors.
  • Watch your step as you exit

Facts & Figures

O-Train Facts as of December 31, 2013
Annual passengers carried 2.4 million
Daily ridership 10,300
Park & Ride spaces
(shared at Greenboro station)
Vehicle capacity 285 passengers
Average service frequency 15 mins

Trillium Line Fleet

Vehicle model: Alstom Coradia Lint

Number of trains: 6

Vehicle facts

  • High-efficiency, diesel engines
  • Advanced technology, making them quieter and more fuel efficient than our previous trains
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fully-accessible cars
  • Larger windows
  • Smoother, more comfortable ride
  • Space for 260 passengers

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