Transitway extended west to Moodie on Dec. 17

The Transitway will be extended west to Moodie Station (#3042) at Moodie and Corkstown on Dec. 17. As soon as the West Transitway opens, most routes that currently use Highway 417 between Bayshore and Moodie, (Routes 61, 62, 63, 64, 101, 103, 158, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 267, 268, 269, 301, 303, 402 and 404, 406, 454, 660 and 661) will instead use the new West Transitway and serve new Moodie Station.

  • Route 252 will start using the West Transitway on Dec. 24 when other routing improvements are made.
  • Starting Dec. 24, Route 152 will be extended to Moodie Station via Corkstown and directly serve Abbott Point of Care

Moodie Station area transit service

Carling Campus area service starting in December 2017

New Moodie Station

Moodie Station Layout

Moodie Station routes

Route Stop
61 St-Laurent A
61 Kanata / Stittsville B
62 St-Laurent A
62 Terry Fox / Stittsville B
63 Lincoln Fields A
63 Innovation B
66 Tunney's Pasture C
66 Kanata D
66 Tunney’s Pasture C
101 St-Laurent C
103 Place d’Orléans C
152 Carling Campus / Complexe Carling C
152 Lincoln Fields E
158 Haanel A
158 Moodie B
252 Mackenzie King A
252 Fernbank B
261 Downtown/Centre-ville A
261 Stittsville B
262 Downtown/Centre-ville A
262 Stittsville B
263 Downtown/Centre-ville A
263 Stittsville B
Route Stop
264 Downtown/Centre-ville A
264 Kanata B
264 Downtown/Centre-ville A
264 Kanata B
265 Downtown/Centre-ville A
265 Kanata B
267 Downtown/Centre-ville A
267 Kanata B
268 Downtown/Centre-ville A
268 Kanata B
269 Downtown/Centre-ville A
269 Kanata B
301 Carlingwood A
303 Richmond B
303 Carlingwood A
303 Richmond B
404 Pinecrest A
404 Centre Canadian Tire Centre B
406 Riverview A
406 Centre Canadian Tire Centre B

New Moodie station amenities

  • Customer shelters
  • Accessible benches
  • Bus layby space
  • Passenger pick-up and drop-off spot
  • New pedestrian crosswalk on Corkstown Rd.
  • New sidewalk on the north side of Corkstown Rd.
  • National Capital Commission multi-use pathway is extended along north side of the station
  • New multi-use pathway connection from Moodie Station to Moodie Dr.
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in each shelter and emergency phones on each platform
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