Tips to help you ride safely every step of your journey:

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Travel Tips

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Transit basics

  1. Don't run after the bus or O-Train
  2. Wait until the vehicle comes to a full stop
  3. If you are paying with cash or tickets, always use the front doors – riders with a valid and loaded PRESTO card may board from the back doors on articulated (long) buses
  4. Let passengers exit before getting on
  5. Watch your step, especially in the winter
  6. Hold onto the hand rails
  7. Make sure your carry-on items don't get caught in the door
  8. If you’re paying with cash or tickets, don't forget your POP Transfer!
  9. If you’re standing, make your way towards the back of the bus.
  10. Keep your drinks covered to avoid spilling on fellow riders
  11. Take extra care if you are traveling with small children

Security tip

We recognize that victims of crime are not responsible for the offences committed against them. We offer this tip as an additional precaution you can take to increase your sense of security on transit.

  • If someone is making you or another passenger feel uneasy, keep your distance and tell the driver.


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Safety Quiz Q1

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What happens when someone presses the Passenger Assistance Alarm (PAA) button?

When an alarm is activated, the operator:

  1. Stops the bus when it is safe to do so
  2. Lets customers know that the bus has stopped because an alarm has been activated
  3. Invites anyone with info to come forward
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For your security

Security camera icon

Some buses have an on-board camera system.

More vehicle safety features

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