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Riding with kids

Passengers, including two young children, in hand-drawn cartoon-style sit inside a photorealistic transit bus.

Taking transit is for all ages!

Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe on your trip:

  • Stay close to the person you're travelling with to make sure you don't get separated.
  • Check your shoelaces, scarf, or any other piece of clothing that could get caught in a door.
  • Hold your child’s hand as you board and exit the vehicle.
  • Stay seated when the vehicle is moving.
  • Keep your hands and head inside the bus at all times.
  • Don't run after the bus or train, and never try to touch a bus or train.
  • Tell the driver if you are lost or ill.
  • Tell the bus driver or Special Constable if a stranger gets too close, makes you feel uncomfortable or asks personal questions.

Kids go free!

If you are 12 years of age or younger, you can ride any OC Transpo bus, Para Transpo bus, or O-Train Line 1 for free. Simply board a bus without paying fare or enter the accessible wide fare gates with a fare-paying adult (parent or guardian).

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Child cards

If you look older than 12 years of age or regularly travel alone, we recommend getting a child card. This card can be used to tap through O-Train fare gates.

Get a child card

Riding alone

Ride with an adult at least a few times to get familiar with the route, landmarks, rules of transit, and safety measures.

Give up your seat to those with priority (for example, persons with disabilities, seniors, pregnant women).

If you are 13 years old or older, make sure funds are loaded on your Presto card. It's also a good idea to ensure you have extra change or access to a cell phone so you can call home and your parents can reach you.

Consider riding with a friend. Having a buddy to travel with is not only a safer option, but also a more fun option!

2-for-1 DayPass

Previously the Family DayPass, the 2-for-1 DayPass is perfect for two customers to ride on a single daypass together.

If you are both at least 13 years old, you can share the 2-for-1 DayPass and ride all day with unlimited transfers on weekends and statutory holidays.

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Illustration of a teenager giving her seat to a pregnant women

Children in strollers

At Transitway stations, use the elevator to get from one floor to another. Board the bus with the stroller facing forward. Once aboard the bus or O-Train, you have two options:

1. Fold and stow the stroller

  • You can then sit in the Cooperative Seating area and hold your child on your lap.

2. Use wheelchair spaces

  • If there is an available spot designated for wheelchairs, you can use it to park your stroller. (Don’t forget to put on the brake!)
  • If you have an open stroller in a wheelchair area and someone with a wheelchair requires that space, you will need to move.
  • If no wheelchair spot is available, you can place the stroller in the aisle as long as it doesn’t get in the way of other riders or block the safe movement of passengers. If this is the case, the driver may ask you to fold the stroller.
  • Board the bus with the stroller facing forward and leave the bus with it facing backwards.

If the bus is at a full load capacity and/or the stroller would create a hazard by interfering with other customers or the safe movement of customers, you may be declined access on the bus. Leave the bus with the stroller facing backwards.

Illustration of a baby in a stroller using the wheelchair space on the O-train

Ottawa destinations

Planning to attend some festivals, events, and activities around the city? OC Transpo buses and O-Train Line 1 make it easy to travel to and from many of Ottawa's popular museums, parks, and entertainment venues. Visit our Ottawa destinations page to see where you can travel to!

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