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For Travel Planning assistance at a Transitway Station, please call 613-741-4390 or press the free "Info" button on any Bell telephone in the station. For emergency assistance, use the nearest yellow emergency callbox.

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PRESTO - Scheduled System Upgrade

PRESTO website system upgrades are now complete, however the website is experiencing a small issue with email verification feature. The website is now available for customers to use and Presto call center agents are available and ready to assist customers with their request. We thank you for your patience.

Cancelled Trips Icon Cancelled Trips

Ottawa Mandarin MS Walk - Route 54 Cancelled April 29, 2018 Route 54Read More

On Sunday, April 29th 2018, Route 54 will be cancelled between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm due to the Ottawa Mandarin MS Walk taking place along the westbound lanes of Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway between Parkdale and Preston. Please allow a few extra minutes for your travel.

Affected Stops

Bus stops (560 #) NOT in use Alternate Service
 # 8064 -- Tunney's Pasture (east-side) and Sorrel # 3011 -- Tunney's Pasture Station
 # 7350 -- Eglantine (north-side) and Tunney's Pasture
 # 8992 -- Tunney's Pasture (north-side) and Goldenrod
 # 7348 -- Frederick Banting (east-side) and Eglantine
 # 7347 -- Colombine (south-side) and Chardon
 # 8960 -- Colombine (south-side) and Tunney's Pasture
 # 8059 -- Parkdale (west-side) and Lyndale
 # 5712 -- Colombine (south-side) and Parkdale
 # 7345 -- Parkdale (west-side) and Burnside

Delayed Trips Icon Delays

There are no updates.

Detours Icon Detours

Algonquin College Service Roadway Closure (until Sep. 2018) June 5, 2017 Route 88Read More

From 7 am - 5 pm daily, until September 2018, route 88 will be detoured due to the closure of the Algonquin College Service Roadway (North Access Rd.) between Navaho Dr. and College Ave. Route 88 Kanata (westbound) will serve Navaho, Woodroffe and the bus-only roadway. Route 88 Hurdman (eastbound) will serve Baseline Station, Woodroffe and Navaho. Please allow a few extra minutes for your travel.

Bus stops (560 #) NOT in use Alternate Service:
 # 0706 -- North Access Rd. (west-side)
               at College Avenue
Stop # 0704 (west-side) on Navaho
at the Algonquin College Residence
OR Stop 2A at Baseline Station
 # 0707 -- North Access Rd. (east-side)
               at College Avenue
Stop # 0705 (east-side) on Navaho
at the Algonquin College Residence
OR Stop 1A at Baseline Station

Map for Route 88, Algonquin College Detour

General Service Change

There are no updates.

Route Service Change

There are no updates.


Elgin Street Construction Route 5, 14Read More

Routes 5 and 14 will continue their regular routes during Elgin Street construction beginning March 12, 2018.  Construction may cause delays.

Stop # 2472 Relocation – Elgin Street Construction Route 5, 14Read More

From Monday, March 12th, 2018 until Monday May 7th, 2018, stop # 2472 (Elgin / Gladstone) will be temporarily relocated approximately 50m west, to the north side of Gladstone, due to construction work on Elgin Street. This stop will serve Route 14 Carlington only, and will not serve Route 5 Billings Bridge

During this time, stops # 7673 (Elgin / Lewis) and # 2473 (Elgin / McLeod) will still continue to serve Route 5 Billings Bridge.

Diagram of relocated Stop 6790 on Bronson Avenue

Stop # 6790 Relocation, Bronson at University (Permanent) Route 7, 104, 111, 4Read More

On Wednesday, February 7th, 2018, stop # 6790 (Bronson ave. & University Dr.) will be permanently relocated approximately 200m north, to the west side of Bronson Ave. (see diagram below). Routes 7, 104, and 111 will no longer serve this stop. Only Route 4 remains in effect at this stop.

This change will only be reflected in the Travel Planner when the relocation goes into effect.

Diagram of relocated Stop 6790 on Bronson Avenue

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