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Daily route changes resulting from detours and cancelled trips are listed here by OC Transpo staff on weekdays, Saturdays until 9 pm and Sundays until 5 pm.

For Travel Planning assistance at a Transitway Station, please call 613-741-4390 or press the free "Info" button on any Bell telephone in the station. For emergency assistance, use the nearest yellow emergency callbox.

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Important Service Notification

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions forecasted for today may result in service delays. Please plan ahead & consider taking an earlier trip. Call 560-1000 or check 560560,, or the MyTransit app for service status.

There are currently delays of up to 30 minutes on many routes, due to weather conditions and traffic.

Cancelled Trips Icon Cancelled Trips

235 Orleans: Cancelled Trip December 12, 2017 Route 235Read More

The trip is cancelled between Lebreton Station at 16:08 and Lakeridge/Vista Park at 17:27. Next trip is 11 minutes later.

Delayed Trips Icon Delays

There are no updates.

Detours Icon Detours

DETOUR: Route 189 - River Road Closure December 14, 2017 Route 189Read More

From 6 am on Thursday, 14 December to 5 pm on Wednesday, 20 December 2017, Route 189 will be detoured due to the closure of River Road between Balmoral Drive to Leitrim Road. Please allow a few extra minutes for your travel.

Detour Routing

  • Route 189 Greenboro will serve from River Road, Leitrim, Limebank, Balmoral, River to regular route
  • Route 189 Riverview will From River Road, Balmoral, Limebank, Leitrim, River Road to regular route

Affected Stops

Bus Stops (560#) NOT in use  Alternate Service
# 3064 -- River (west-side) Balmoral # 2126 -- River (west-side) Balmoral
# 3233 -- River (west-side) Boyd # 2129 -- River (west-side) Leitrim
# 1551 -- River (west-side) Lowen
# 4368 -- River (west-side) Mulligan
# 4370 -- River (east-side) Mulligan # 4370 -- River (east-side) Leitrim
# 1914 -- River (east-side) Lowen
# 3232 -- River (east-side) Boyd
# 0303 -- River (east-side) Balmoral # 2128 -- River (east-side) Balmoral

Map for Route 189, River Detour

Detour: Route 162 - Johnwoods Closure (Starts Nov 15) November 15, 2017 Route 162Read More

From Nov. 15, 2017, Route 162 will be detoured due to the closure of Johnwoods Street between Maple Grove Road and Rosehill Avenue. Please allow extra time for your travel.

Detour Routings:

  • Routes 162 Stittsville will serve Maple Grove, Santolina, Rosehill and Johnwoods.
  • Routes 162 Terry Fox will serve Johnwoods, Rosehill, Santolina and Maple Grove.


Bus stops (560 #) NOT in use Alternate Service:
# 1302 -- Maple Grove (north-side) Johnwoods

New stop on Santolina (east-side) and Rosehill (#1982)

# 1326 -- Johnwoods (east-side) Maple Grove

New stop on Santolina (west-side) and Astelia (#1981)

Map for Route 162, Johnwoods Detour

Detour: Routes 164 & 168 - Eagleson Road (Starts Nov. 6) November 6, 2017 Route 164, 168Read More

From Nov. 6, 2017, Routes 164 and 168 will be detoured due to the closure of Eagleson Road between Shatner Gate and Kakulu Road. Please allow extra time for your travel.

Detour Routings:

  • Routes 164 Terry Fox and 168 Terry Fox will serve Shatner, Pickford, and Kakulu


Bus stops (560 #) NOT in use Alternate Service:
# 6735 -- Eagleson (east-side) Kakulu

New stop on Shanter Gate (north-side) Eagleson (#8408)

Routes 164 & 168 added to stop on Kakulu (south-side) Eagleson (#1733)

Map for Routes 164, 168, Eagleson Detour

Algonquin College Service Roadway Closure (until Sep. 2018) June 5, 2017 Route 88Read More

From 7 am - 5 pm daily, until September 2018, route 88 will be detoured due to the closure of the Algonquin College Service Roadway (North Access Rd.) between Navaho Dr. and College Ave. Route 88 Kanata (westbound) will serve Navaho, Woodroffe and the bus-only roadway. Route 88 Hurdman (eastbound) will serve Baseline Station, Woodroffe and Navaho. Please allow a few extra minutes for your travel.

Bus stops (560 #) NOT in use Alternate Service:
 # 0706 -- North Access Rd. (west-side)
               at College Avenue
Stop # 0704 (west-side) on Navaho
at the Algonquin College Residence
OR Stop 2A at Baseline Station
 # 0707 -- North Access Rd. (east-side)
               at College Avenue
Stop # 0705 (east-side) on Navaho
at the Algonquin College Residence
OR Stop 1A at Baseline Station

Map for Route 88, Algonquin College Detour

Queen St. Construction (until further notice) April 7, 2017 Route 4, 9, 12Read More

Until late fall 2017, weekdays only (no detour on evenings and weekends), eastbound Routes 4, 9 and 12 are detoured due to continued construction on Queen St. Routes 4 Rideau, 9 Hurdman and 12 Blair will serve Kent at Queen and continue on Kent and Wellington. Please allow a few extra minutes for your travel.

Bus stops (560 #) NOT in use:
    # 7561 -- Queen St. (south-side) at Bank
    # 1512 -- Queen St. (south-side) at Metcalfe
For eastbound service, please catch your bus at:
   # 1368 -- Kent St. (east-side) at Queen
   # 7693 -- Wellington (south-side) at O'Connor
   # 7694 -- Wellington (south-side) at Metcalfe


General Service Change

There are no updates.

Route Service Change

There are no updates.


Queen Street unavailable in the Travel PlannerRead More

Due to technical difficulties, addresses on Queen Street are unavailable in the Travel Planner. If you need a trip plan to or from Queen Street, we recommend using addresses on nearby streets such as Metcalf, Bank or Lyon, or calling Transit Information at 613-741-4390. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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