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New Ways to Bus trip plans and schedules are now available

Sample days containing New Ways to Bus routes and schedules are now in the Travel Planner!

Check out your future travel plan

Check out your sample future itinerary:

Weekday trip plan Saturday trip plan Sunday trip plan

Check out your future route schedule

Check out your sample schedule:

Weekday schedule Saturday schedule Sunday schedule

Schedules and routing are close to those that will be in place when the New Ways to Bus network launches, but they may change slightly.

Please disregard any dates that may appear in the New Ways to Bus Travel Planner. These dates are needed for the Travel Planner to calculate your trip.

STO routes included in trip plans are based on STO’s current service.

Get started

  1. Choose a day of the week.
  2. Enter an origin and destination for your trip and choose a departure time: Screen cap of form to enter origin, destination and departure time
  3. Click the blue "Plan your trip" button: Plan your trip button
  4. Several different plans will be listed at the top of the screen. The quickest trip will usually be highlighted in yellow:
    Sample Travel Plan results

Travel Planner quick help

Enter your origin Starting point iconand destination Destination Icon

Lookup an address or a landmark

  1. Begin typing the address or the name of the landmark
  2. Select the location from the generated list (see examples below)
Example of address lookup and selection Example of landmark lookup and selection
Screen capture of how to type in an address Screen cap: how to look up a destination

The street types and landmark names are taken directly from the Google Maps database. They are entered in the language most spoken in the area where they are located, that is in English for Ontario addresses and in French for Quebec addresses.


Switch origin and destination icon If you have entered your destination in place of your origin, or if you would like to generate a return trip quickly, you can reverse the order of your entries.

Or just pick a location on the map

  1. Click once on the desired point on the map
    To zoom, click the “+” symbol at the bottom right of the map or press down the CTRL key while using the scroll wheel of your mouse.
  2. Select either “Set as origin” or “Set as destination" Screen capture showing how to set the origin and destination

Note that sample bus and O-Train schedules do not yet include the following:

  • Shopper routes 300-305, which will not change
  • Event routes in the 400s and 450s

If you cannot find a travel plan that works for you, try using the maps and other service information available on the New Ways to Bus page:

Help us improve the Travel Planner

If you spot a typo or an issue with how the information is displayed in the Travel Planner, let us know

If you have questions about the New Ways to Bus service, please check out the Bus Route Review process information. Then, drop us a line