Gold Permit Parking

Buy a Gold permit to reserve your parking space!

A Gold permit guarantees you a parking space. Permits are limited and sold on a first come, first serve basis. Overnight parking is not permitted.

Gold Park & Ride permits are sold by the Gold Pass Administrator at 613-842-3777.

Permits are on sale from the 15th of the previous month at a cost of $ per month.

Customers will be asked to produce their current monthly pass to purchase a permit. 

The following Park & Ride locations have Gold Permit parking spaces available. (spaces are highlighted in yellow on the maps below).

Baseline PDF iconMap of Baseline Park and Ride
Ray Friel PDF iconMap of Ray Friel Park and Ride
Trim PDF iconMap of Trim Park and Ride

The maps below show Gold Permit parking spaces that are reserved for current permit holders. We are sold out of Gold Permit parking space at these locations.

Eagleson PDF iconMap of Eagleson Park and Ride
Fallowfield PDF iconMap of Fallowfield Park and Ride
Greenboro PDF iconMap of Greenboro Park and Ride
Jeanne d'Arc PDF iconMap of Jeanne d'Arc Park and Ride
Place d'Orléans PDF iconMap of Place d'Orléans Park and Ride
Telesat* (Blair) PDF iconMap of Telesat Park and Ride

* All of the 21 spaces at Telesat Park & Ride are for Gold Permit use only.

Automatic renewal plan: order by phone any time

The gold permit maps are updated as required, but may not be current as of today. If in doubt, refer to the Park & Ride lot signage which will indicate which spaces are designated for 'Gold permit' holders.

With automatic renewal, you avoid making monthly trips to buy a permit and don't have to worry about permits being sold out. Here’s how it works:

  • Call the Gold Pass Administrator at 613-842-3777 to order your monthly permit or Gold permit.
  • The first time you order, call before the 20th day of the month, to allow sufficient time for mailing.
  • Pay with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express). We’ll deduct the cost of your permit each month around the 15th.
  • Your permit will be mailed to you automatically before the first of each month.
  • You may cancel the automatic deduction any time before the 10th of the preceding month.
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Be ready for fare inspection

Aboard double-deckers, articulated buses and the O-Train, and on the O-Train platform

Keep your PRESTO card, monthly pass, POP transfer ticket or DayPass at hand and be prepared to show it to fare inspectors on request.

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