Riding at night

Security features

After 7 pm, you can ask the driver to drop you off at a safe spot along the route closer to your destination.

Night Stop

Transecure Night Stop logo

After 9 pm, all routes at the following Transitway stations serve one stop - the night stop.

Billings Bridge
Lincoln Fields
Place d’Orléans

South Keys
Terry Fox

The night stop is well lit and centrally located, close to emergency call boxes and pay phones.

Special Constables

You may see them walking about stations and riding buses and trains. They enforce the law and protect customers and employees on all transit vehicles and property.

Taxi Link

Taxi Link

Have a taxi meet you at a designated pick-up location at most Transitway Stations. Simply give the name of the station and your expected arrival time. You can also book your taxi on-line or download their apps -- see the taxi company website for more info.

Pick-up EAST of Lincoln Fields

Blue Line Taxi ... 613-238-1111

Capitol Taxi ... 613-744-3333

Pick-up WEST in Nepean or Kanata

Capitol Taxi ... 613-744-3333

West-Way Taxi ... 613-727-0101

If you don’t have access to a phone, your driver may be able to arrange for a taxi for you -- although we can’t guarantee service, we’ll try our best.

Travel Tips & Tricks

Figure out where you’re going

Work out the safest path to your destination (least amount of walking, sticking to busier streets)

Keep to well-lit public areas

Avoid shortcuts through secluded areas, dark alleyways and dimly lit paths

If you’re distressed or threatened, hail any transit vehicle or employee

Our staff is trained to deal with many situations. We can help out on the spot by offering our vehicles as a safe haven for anyone in distress and by contacting our Control Centre via two-way radio.

Check in with someone

Let someone know where you’re going and how you’re getting there

Avoid distractions

Make sure distractions such as texting or loud music don’t prevent you from  being aware of your surroundings

Trust your instincts

Move away from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable

Stay awake

Don’t let your guard down just because you’ve boarded the vehicle. Keep an eye and ear out for your stop.

Keep your valuables out of sight and at hand

Expensive looking jewellery, electronics and money can catch the eye of thieves. Hold onto your purse and put your wallet in your front pockets.

Know where you can go if you’re in trouble

  • Call boxes and pay phones at Transitway stations
  • Hail any OC Transpo vehicle or employee
  • Tell a Special Constable
  • On the bus or train, use the Passenger Assistance Alarm
  • Talk to the Operator



Image text: Call Transit Law 613-741-2478 TTY 613-842-3699 Transecure With icon of a smart phone

Report an incident to Transit Law

Safety Quiz Q1

Transecure alarm Icon

What happens when someone presses the Passenger Assistance Alarm (PAA) button?

When an alarm is activated, the operator:

  1. Stops the bus when it is safe to do so
  2. Lets customers know that the bus has stopped because an alarm has been activated
  3. Invites anyone with info to come forward
See the answer

For your security

Security camera icon

Some buses have an on-board camera system.

More vehicle safety features

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