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Bookings & cancellations

My Para Transpo

Booking and cancelling Para Transpo trips can now be easily achieved with My Para Transpo - a self-serve way for Para Transpo customers to quickly manage their trips. Available with any device connected to the web:

  • Book trips for the next day, or 7 days in advance for holidays.
  • Cancel a booked trip either the day before or on the same day.
  • View and manage your booked trips.
  • Track your ride in real-time with a map and estimated time of arrival countdown.

My Para Transpo

My Para Transpo logo.

Booking trips

Para Transpo trips must be reserved in advance. Please contact us one day before you plan to travel, or consider making a regular booking for trips which occur the same time on the same day each week.

Casual bookings can be scheduled every 15 mins, starting at the top of the hour. Request a pick-up time that is at least one hour before you want to arrive at your destination, or one and a half hours for rural trips.

Regular bookings or recurring trips are those that occur on the same day and time each week (or bi-weekly or monthly) for at least one month. To set these up, contact us at least two days before the bookings begin. Once they are set up, you must use these bookings unchanged at least 75 % of the time. Otherwise, you will be contacted to discuss your regular bookings.

Rural transportation options

Group transportation

Maximum size of mobility devices : Para Transpo buses can hold devices up to 44.5 inches (1,130 mm) wide by 65 inches (1,651 mm) long

Vehicle accessibility features

So we can handle your booking request quickly and efficiently, please have ready your :

  • Name and Customer registration number
  • Trip date and pick-up time
  • Pick-up and destination addresses (with accessible entrances)
  • List of accompanying mobility aids (e.g. wheelchair)
  • Confirmation of any travelling support person or pet companion

Booking a trip by telephone is available between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm.

Trip Reservation Hotline 613-560-5000
(Having problems with the automated system? Call the direct line 613-244-7272.)

TTY : 613-244-4833

Next day reservations made with the web form can only be made between 7 am and 3:30 pm.

Book a trip with My Para Transpo

Reserve a trip web form

Cancelling trips

If you have to cancel a regular booking, please give us as much notice as possible. Please note that Para Transpo’s Cancellation Policy will apply. When you give two days notice, this is a suspension of your regular bookings and does not count as a cancellation.

Regularly scheduled Para Transpo trips are automatically suspended on holidays. This excludes Easter Sunday, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and Remembrance Day.

Please do not forget to cancel your regular bookings while you are on vacation and during the holiday season if you do not require them.

Cancelling a trip by telephone is available between the hours of 6 am and 12:30 am.

Trip Information and Cancellation Hotline 613-560-5000
(Having problems with automated system? Call the direct line 613-244-4636.)

TTY : 613-244-4833

24/7 IVR : 613-842-3648

Trips can be cancelled with a web form up to one hour before your trip. Cancellations sent after midnight will be processed at 6 am.

Cancel a trip with My Para Transpo

Cancel a trip web form


Please be ready on time at the designated entrance. The Para Transpo driver will spend a maximum of three minutes searching the immediate area for a customer and are not required to ring apartment doorbells.

Para Transpo will pick you up within a half hour of your scheduled time, and will schedule you to arrive within one hour of your scheduled time.

If a vehicle has not picked you up within the 30-minute scheduling window, please call our Trip Information and Cancellation Hotline. This line is used to check on the status of your trip or to cancel your trip.

For more information on using the web forms, visit the Para Transpo trip reservation and cancellation Web forms FAQs.