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My Para Transpo

My Para Transpo is a new self-serve system that lets Para Transpo customers quickly book, cancel, and track their trips.

Use any device connected to the Web to:

  • Book trips for the next day, or 7 days in advance for holidays.
  • Cancel a booked trip either the day before or on the same day.
  • View and manage your booked trips.
  • Track your ride in real-time with a map and estimated time of arrival countdown.

Sign in to My Para Transpo!

My Para Transpo logo.

For more information about how to enrol and use the service, please download and read the the User Guide. If you're already logged into My Para Transpo and are looking for some assistance, the User Guide can also be found under the Help menu.

My Para Transpo User Guide

Booking and cancelling trips

Booking a trip is simple as My Para Transpo provides quick options for trips. Your home address will always be first pick-up location option and it is indicated by a house icon. Your most recently booked trips will also be available for selection.

My Para Transpo saves your previously booked trips so you can book again with just one click. For a smooth booking experience, all of the details, including your companions and mobility devices, are automatically filled in.

In order to connect you with the ride that suits your needs, indicate any mobility aids you will require or bring. These can be a(n): electric wheelchair, service animal, scooter, stroller, or manual wheelchair. If you have an occasional support person or a pet in a carrier, they can travel with you as well.

Booked trips can be cancelled up to one hour in advance.

To book Recurring trips, cancel them all, or cancel an individual recurring trip earlier than the day before, please call 613-560-5000, as these require advanced set up

Screenshot of booking a trip with My Para Transpo.

Click the image above for a closer look.

Viewing and tracking trips

Any trips you have booked will be viewable in a simple calendar (except on mobile devices) or list view. Click on your booked trips to see the details of the trip. From there, you’ll see a map with pins of where your pick-up and drop-off locations are.

When it’s nearing the time of your trip, the routing of your ride will be visible and you will see an estimated time of arrival. Watch in real-time as the vehicle nears your pick-up location.

Screenshot of tracking your ride with My Para Transpo.

Click the image above for a closer look.

Getting started

You will need to ensure that you are a registered customer with Para Transpo. ParaPay account holders can sign in with ease by using their ParaPay Customer ID or email and password.

For those who do not have a ParaPay account, select Enrolment at the bottom of the homepage. Input the Customer ID provided to you by Para Transpo, your email address, and then your date of birth. Select Enrol. An email will be sent to you with a link to activate your account and create a password. Click the link and enter your desired password. Valid passwords must be at least 8 characters long and include at least one letter and one number. Confirm the password and Create password.

If at any time you forget your Customer ID or password, select the help links and follow the process to retrieve these credentials.

For additional information about My Para Transpo, visit the My Para Transpo FAQ page or call 613-560-5000.

Sign in to My Para Transpo!