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How will I transfer?

Passengers transferring between train and bus

Fare-paid zone at major connecting stations

  • No need to go through the fare gate
  • O-Train arrives every 5 minutes or less at peak times

Connecting made easy

The O-Train Confederation Line and its stations have been carefully designed to make connections to buses quick, easy and comfortable:

  • Trains will arrive every 5 minutes or less at rush hour, will operate frequently throughout the day, and about every 15 minutes after midnight
  • Late at night, when the train frequency is every 15 minutes or less, connections at the major transfer stations will be timed and managed between trains and buses
  • Hurdman, Blair, Tunney’s Pasture and Bayview stations will have fare-paid zones, so there will be no need to pass through a fare gate
  • Integrated bus loops at Hurdman, Blair, Tunney’s Pasture and St-Laurent stations will make connecting even quicker
  • Your trips will be more reliable than today and your total travel time, including transfers, will remain comparable
  • Spacious platforms with 14 accessible double doors per train will make it easy for everyone to board quicklySide view of the Alstom Citadis Spirit train
  • Bus stops, elevators and escalators (at most stations) will be located near station entrances for shorter walking distances
  • Clear directional signage will guide you to the right platform


Confederation Line station architecture will make it easy to get oriented by using an inviting open-concept design that features abundant glass and open sightlines.

Tunney's Pasture StationTunney's Pasture Station

Clear directional signs will guide you quickly and easily to the train platform:

Example of a train platform direction sign

Pimisi Station
Pimisi Station

Digital signs throughout the station will display the expected departure time for each train and bus. Times will be adjusted based on the real-time location of the vehicle.

Example of a digital sign showing train departure times

Digital signs will also tell you where to catch your connecting bus.

Example of a digital sign showing train departure times

Example of a bus stop sign at a station

On the bus platform, routes will be organized by destination and marked by signs indicating route numbers.

Bus stops within a station will be marked by a sign that features the stop's letter identifier (in these examples, "A" and "B'). Signs will also list all the routes that service the stop, including their destination and using their appropriate colour and symbol.

Fare-paid zones

When you enter a station and go through a fare gate you will be in a “fare-paid zone”.

At Hurdman, Blair, and Tunney’s Pasture stations along the Confederation Line, buses will drop you off at a platform inside the fare-paid zone that allows you to bypass the fare gate and go directly to the train platform for boarding.

Heading in the other direction —from train to bus— at peak times, buses will pick you up within the fare-paid zone with all doors open for fast boarding.

There will be no requirement to go through the fare gate at these times.

At Bayview Station, train platforms for Line 1 (Confederation Line) and Line 2 (Trillium Line) will both be within the fare-paid zone, so you can transfer between trains without going through the fare gate.

Overview of service to fare-paid zone transfer stationsBus connections to O-Train stations with a fare-paid zone

At Greenboro Station on the Trillium Line (Line 2), buses and trains will enter the fare-paid zone just as they do at Hurdman, Blair and Tunney’s Pasture stations.

Transferring at other stations

If you are not transferring at Hurdman, Blair, Tunney’s Pasture or Greenboro you will need to go through a fare gate before making your way to the train platform.

To open the fare gate, you simply tap your smartcard or scan your paper bus transfer:

  • On weekdays, bus transfers will be valid for unlimited travel for up to 90 minutes after you first board the bus. On evenings and weekends the transfer-period will be longer
  • If you go through a fare gate before the transfer period expires, the gate will open and no additional fare will be charged