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560560 feature confirms departure times
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Depending on your mobile plan, your service provider may charge a fee to use 560560 short code services. OC Transpo does not charge customers for using our 560560 service.

Real-time bus schedules are available through text-messages on your cell phone.

You will notice departure times marked with an asterisk *, this means that the trip has been adjusted with GPS data. Times that have no asterisk are scheduled time.

If there is no asterisk it could be for one of the following reasons: the trip is too far ahead in time, a communication problem exists between the bus and the GPS database, or there are issues with the GPS hardware on the bus. GPS hardware problems are detected and fixed as soon as possible.


Locate your 560 bus stop number

You can find your 4-digit 560 bus stop # by using these services:

Route Schedules
Select route, choose direction and find your
stop from the list

560 Bus Stop numbers
Listed alphabetically by street and nearest

Transitway Station 560 numbers
Listed alphabetically by station name



How to use the 560560 service

  1. Text: 560560

  2. Message: your 4-digit bus stop number or the first few letters of any Transitway Station name, for eg.: ‘Hurd’, ‘Mac’, ‘Orl’, ‘Alb’, ‘Bil’

  3. If there is more than one route that serves your stop follow the prompts.

    The first time you use the service you will be prompted to select your preferred language. At any time you can text E (English) or F (French) to change your choice.

    You can also text your location, route and direction all in one text.


    1. Rideau and King Edward, stop 7595 route 18
          Message: 7595 18
          Reply: Stop 7595 route 18 St. Laurent at 11:46 to St. Laurent;
                   12:03 to St. Laurent; 12:43 to St. Laurent.

    2. South Keys, route 97 direction Bayshore
          Message: Sou 97
    3.     Reply: Stop 3038. For route 97 Airpor reply 1; for route 97 Bayshore
                    reply 2;
    4.     Message: 2;
          Reply: Stop 3038. Route 97 Bayshore at 11:47 to Bells Corners;
                   12:02 to Bayshore; 12:17 to Bayshore.

    5. Albert and Kent, route 86 direction Baseline
           Message: A Ke 86
          Reply: Stop 3003. Route 86 Baseline at 12:28 to Baseline;
                   12:48 to Baseline;13:08 to Baseline.


What is real-time and how are the predictions made?

The next 3 departure times are predicted based on the bus' GPS information. If the GPS data is unavailable for a given bus, the time defaults to the scheduled arrival time. 


Carriers’ networks which support Short Code 560560

The following carriers’ networks support the Short Code 560560:

Telus Mobility
Koodo Mobile
Bell Mobility
Virgin Mobile

Aliant Mobility
Télébec Mobilité
NorthernTel Mobility
SaskTel Mobility
Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS)
Wind Mobile Vidéotron

If your carrier is not in the list above, please contact them to find out if they support ’short code’.


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Text 560-560 for bus arrival times

Get real-time bus schedules sent to your phone by texting your stop number to 560560!

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