Recent safety initiatives

Here is an overview of the work and activities we have undertaken to make sure all our customers and staff have safe travels: 

Our 10-point safety program

OC Transpo’s Safety Charter for Transit Services guides the work and activities we do to keep our customers and staff safe. The charter includes:

  • Applying a safety lens to all we do
  • Launching a reporting system to allow our customers to flag safety issues or situations anonymously
  • Gathering and sharing information on safety and security issues
  • Maintaining the Transecure program
  • And more!

» Full Safety Charter for Transit Services

Report a security issue anonymously with our new online form

Tell us what you saw not who you are. Report online. Anonymous submissions accepted.
We invite you to let us know if someone or something makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any point during your journey with transit. You can use our new form to anonymously share your concerns and experiences with us and help us improve the security of our network.

Submit an incident to Transit Law



Walk & Ride and Bike & Ride Program

Special constables walk about our stations, ride buses and the O-Train or cycle between stations around the clock. They offer a visible security presence, deter crime and offences, and are ready and able to respond quickly to incidents. 

Feel free to approach a Special Constable if you feel unsafe, harassed or threatened or if you see someone who seems to be lost or needing help.


Transecure is a community watch program on wheels. OC Transpo employees are the eyes and ears on our roads, looking out for the safety of all people and offering a safe haven in any of our vehicles for anyone who needs it (not only transit riders!).

  • Our employees are trained to respond to safety and security issues like medical emergencies, break-ins, accidents, fires, suspicious situations or any other incidents when someone feels unsafe or threatened
  • We’re on the road 24/7
  • We have as many as 1,000 buses, plus the O-Train, mobile cars and service trucks on street during peak hours
  • We work with emergency services: three police services – Ottawa Police Service, OPP and RCMP as well as Ottawa Fire, Paramedic Services and Transit Special Constables We handle an average of 3 calls a day
    • The Transecure awards recognize employees who provide an outstanding response to safety and security issues

Night stop

Many Transitway stations have a Night Stop. At these stations, after 9 pm all routes serve the Night Stop. Look for the yellow TRANSECURE logo to know where to go.Transecure logo

The Night Stop is:

  • Centrally located, in an open area
  • Well-lit
  • Close to emergency call boxes or payphones
Stations with a Night Stop
BaselineMap icon

Stops 1B, 2A

Billings BridgeMap icon

Stops 3B, 4C

Lincoln FieldsMap icon

Stops 3A, 4B

Place d’OrléansMap icon

Stops 1B, 2A

South KeysMap icon

Stop 1A, 2A

St-LaurentMap icon

Stop 3C

Terry FoxMap icon

Stop 4A


Image text: Call Transit Law 613-741-2478 TTY 613-842-3699 Transecure With icon of a smart phone

Report an incident to Transit Law

Clock icon displaying 7 PM. Image text: Safe Stop

Safe Stop

You can ask your driver to let you off anywhere along your route after 7 pm.

If you feel unsafe, press the passenger assistance alarm

Passenger Assistance Alarms

Find them on all double-deckers, articulated buses and the O-Train!

Passenger Assistance Alarms

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