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Detours / Route changes (10)

Detour: Elgin Street northbound closure

Routes: 5, 55

Date effective: December 20, 2020

From Sunday December 20 until Spring 2021, Routes 5 and 55 will be detoured due to the closure of Elgin Street northbound from Catherine Street to the Pretoria Bridge for the Elgin Street Bike Lane Project. Please allow a few extra minutes for your travels.

Affected Stops

Bus Stop (560#) not in use Alternate Stop
#2476 -- Elgin (west-side) / Catherine Temporary Stop -- Elgin (west-side) / Argyle  
#2466 -- Elgin (east-side) / Argyle Temporary Stop -- Catherine (north-side) / Elgin  
#2034 -- Elgin (east-side) / Isabella 

Temporary Stop -- Queen Elizabeth Drive (east-side) / Pretoria Bridge

Temporary Stop -- Catherine (north-side) / Elgin

Detour Routing

5 Rideau: From Pretoria Bridge, turn right onto Queen Elizabeth Drive, left onto Catherine, right onto Elgin and then continue to regular routing.

55 Bayshore: From Pretoria Bridge, turn right onto Queen Elizabeth Drive, left onto Catherine, continue on Catherine and then continue to regular routing.  

Detour Map

Map for Routes 5 and 55, Elgin Street northbound closure detour

Route 620: Added trip at Ottawa Technical High School

Routes: 620

Date effective: January 04, 2021

Starting Monday January 4, an afternoon trip will be added to Route 620 serving Ottawa Technical High School. The trip will arrive at Ottawa Technical High School at 1:10 pm, and will depart at 1:18 pm.

86 Baseline: Trip adjustments at St. Pius X High School

Routes: 86

Date effective: December 15, 2020

Starting Tuesday December 15, two changes are happening to the St. Pius X High School service for Route 86 Baseline:

  • An afternoon trip is being changed to depart from Tunney's Pasture Station at 1:35 pm instead of 1:44 pm
  • A new trip is being added to arrive at St. Pius X High School at 1:50 pm and depart at 1:53 pm

Moodie Station: Route 66 bus stop change

Routes: 66

Stations: Moodie

Date effective: December 20, 2020

On December 20, the bus stop for Route 66 Kanata-Solandt at Moodie Station will change location to Stop B instead of Stop D. Stop B better protects customers from the weather.

Map showing bus service for route 66 westbound trips going to Stop B at Moodie Station.

New Routing: 14 St-Laurent & 53 Carlington


Date effective: December 20, 2020

On December 20, Routes 14 St-Laurent and 53 Carlington will be modified as improvements to the Scott and Parkdale intersection are completed. These routes will travel via Scott Street between Tunney's Pasture Station and Parkdale Avenue. This routing change helps to reduce travel times for customers.

Affected Stops

Bus Stop (560#) Routes Changes
#7334 -- Scott (south-side) / Parkdale
  • 53 Carlington
Relocated to the east side of Parkdale
#7335 -- Scott (south-side) / Holland
  • 14 St-Laurent
  • 53 Carlington

New Routing

14 St-Laurent, 53 Carlington: From Tunney’s Pasture Station, turn left onto Scott, right onto Parkdale, continue on Parkdale, and then continue to regular routing.


Map for routes 14 St-Laurent and 53 Calrington, new routing at the Scott and Parkdale Intersection effective December 20, 2020

Innes Road: Bus stop changes for routes 25, 28, 622, 641, and 648

Routes: 25, 28, 622, 641, 648

Date effective: December 20, 2020

On December 20, bus stops on Innes Road in Blackburn Hamlet serving routes 25, 28, 622, 641, and 648 will be changing as part of the Better Bus Stops Project.

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Affected Stops

Bus Stop (560#) Routes Changes
#2610 -- Innes (South-side) / Innes Road Plaza
  • 25 Millennium
  • 28 Blair
  • 622 Renaud
  • 641 Orléans
  • 648 Orléans
#8198 -- Innes (South-side) / Cléroux (West)
  • 25 Millennium
  • 622 Renaud
  • 641 Orléans
  • 648 Orléans

Relocated to the East side of Cléroux

#2650 -- Innes (South-side) / Keystone
  • 25 Millennium
  • 622 Renaud
  • 641 Orléans
  • 648 Orléans
#2649 -- Innes (South-side) / Cléroux (East)
  • 25 Millennium
  • 622 Renaud
Relocated closer to Cléroux
#2648 -- Innes (North-side) / Keystone
  • 25 La Cité
  • 622 Special
  • 641 Louis Riel
  • 648 Louis Riel


Map showing the bus stops that have been removed and relocated, and the bus stops that remain unchanged on Innes Road in Blackburn Hamlet as part of the Better Bus Stops Project starting December 20.

Winter service starts Sunday, December 20, 2020

Date effective: December 20, 2020

OC Transpo will begin winter service starting Sunday, December 20 

  • All routes will be in service, with some seasonal adjustments.
  • New routing on the 14, 16, 53, 56, and 164
  • Bus stop changes at Moodie Station and on Innes Road
  • Rideau Street reopens
  • Current and upcoming construction detours

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Detour: Route 10

Routes: 10

Date effective: January 16, 2021

Please be advised that route 10 is currently on detour due to weather conditions.

Route 10 Lyon: From Bronson, Right Laurier, Left Bay, Right Queen to regular route.

Route 10 Hurdman: From Lyon, Right Laurier, Left Bronson to regular route.

Stop not in used: Albert/Bay (3004), Slater/Bay (3005)

Please catch your bus at Bronson/Laurier (6627) or Lyon station (3051)

Stop Closure: Richmond Road Bus Stop Impact

Routes: 11, 153

Date effective: September 21, 2020

Starting 6 am Sept. 21, some stops on Routes 11 Parliament, and 153 Tunney’s Pasture on the south side of Richmond Rd are impacted and will be closed for O-Train Stage 2 construction until further notice.

All routes will follow their regular routing.

Affected Stops

Bus Stop (560#) not in use Alternate Stop
#4937 -- Richmond (South-side) / New Orchard North #4935 -- Richmond (South-side) / Richardson
#6259 -- Richmond (South-side) / Allison #7515 -- Richmond (South-side) / Woodroffe
#7514 -- Richmond (South-side) / Lockhart #7515 -- Richmond (South-side) / Woodroffe
#2459 -- Richmond (South-side) / Sherbourne #7512 -- Richmond (South-side) / Redwood

Stop Closure Maps

Route 11

Starting 6am Sept. 21, some stops on Routes 11 and 153 on the south side of Richmond Rd will be closed for Stage 2 construction.

Route 153

Starting 6am Sept. 21, some stops on Routes 11 and 153 on the south side of Richmond Rd will be closed for Stage 2 construction.

Line 2 closing on May 3

Routes: 2

Date effective: May 02, 2020

O-Train Line 2

The last day of Line 2 service is Saturday May 2. The full-length of O-Train Line 2 will then close for approx. 2 years for Stage 2 construction.

Starting on Sunday May 3, Line 2 buses will operate in place of the train.

Most stations along Line 2, with the exception of Bayview Station and Greenboro Station, will be closed until O-Train Line 2 service resumes in Fall 2022. Ticket machines, information telephones, and other amenities will be available at Bayview Station and Greenboro Station.

Line 2 bus

Line 2 bus symbol

While O-Train Line 2 is closed, Line 2 bus service will operate. The Line 2 bus will serve all stations along Line 2, as well as bus stops close to the location of future stations!

The Line 2 bus will run approx. every 12 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays; and every 15 minutes on Sundays. Additional trips will be added as required and in the fall.

Map of Line 2 bus service.

Click the map to enlarge.

Line 2 bus service map [PDF]

Line 2 bus to Bayview

Stop location Stop number
South Keys 2A Get schedule for stop 3038
Greenboro 2A Get schedule for stop 3037
Walkley 2A Get schedule for stop 3036
Heron 2A and 3A Get schedule for stop 3035
Heron at Data Centre Get schedule for stop 1123
Carleton University Get schedule for stop 6610
Carling Station (Preston at Carling) Get schedule for stop 6657
Preston at Gladstone Get schedule for stop 6652
Bayview Station Get schedule for stop 3060

Line 2 bus to South Keys

Stop location Stop number
Bayview A Get schedule for stop 3060
Preston at Balsam Get schedule for stop 2358
Carling Station (Preston at Adeline) Get schedule for stop 6655
Carleton University Get schedule for stop 5813
Heron at Bronson ramp (Southbound only to South Keys) Get schedule for stop 1004
Heron 4A and 1A Get schedule for stop 3035
Walkley 1A Get schedule for stop 3036
Greenboro 1A Get schedule for stop 3037
South Keys Station Get schedule for stop 3038

Stations & Elevators (2)

Lincoln Fields Station: Elevator

Stations: Lincoln Fields

Date effective: January 14, 2021

Lincoln Fields elevator # 6 (Local Platform): is now closed indefinitely however, as an alternative to access the local platform from Carling customers can utilize routes 51 and 85 at stop #6401 to bring them to the local bus loop.

Lincoln Fields WB elevator # 7: for those customers requiring access to the Local bus loop or Carling Avenue, they will need to continue on their bus to Queensway Station and utilize the elevator at this station and catch a bus back to Lincoln Fields Station alighting at stop 2A and then continue to the local loop.

For Travel Planning assistance, please call 613-741-4390 or press the free “Info” button on any Bell telephone in the station. For emergency assistance, use the nearest yellow emergency callbox.

South Keys: Multi-use pathway detoured

Stations: South Keys

Date effective: August 10, 2020

Starting Monday, August 10, the multi-use path (MUP) going underneath the Line 2 rail tracks at South Keys Station will be closed. This MUP will be detoured through South Keys Station on the southbound platform and will require the use of the station's stairs and elevators.

A temporary pathway has been constructed connecting the north end of the southbound platform to the existing Sawmill Creek MUP. Signage on site will direct cyclists to dismount and walk when they reach the station platform.

The MUP is expected to reopen when construction on Line 2 is completed.