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How we work

Route planning

OC Transpo follows a set of internal guidelines that determine how we design our transit services. These guidelines detail our routes, hours of operation, and performance requirements. With these guidelines in hand, we can make the best use of our vehicles and other resources by assigning them as efficiently as possible.

We are continuously reviewing our routes and schedules to ensure transit services run smoothly. We evaluate the performance each route based on:

  • Number of riders
  • Operational costs
  • Community development plans
  • Customer feedback

Service changes

Throughout the year, OC Transpo monitors the number of riders on each route. Based on this information, changes to routes and schedules occur 4 times a year (with each season). Major route changes or expansions into new communities occur in the September service change.

Did you know?

Ridership typically drops 10% in the spring and by as much as 25% in the summer compared to the winter months.

Bus stops, shelters, and benches

We want to make your wait for the bus as comfortable as possible. Along each route, we place multiple bus stops to reduce the distance you need to walk to catch your bus. Shelters and benches are available at many bus stops to protect riders from the weather and provide a place to sit.

Bus stops

OC Transpo has nearly 6,000 bus stops across Ottawa and Gatineau. Many bus stops are well known within their communities and have existed for many years. However, the location of a bus stop may change temporarily or permanently due to road construction or changes to the bus route.

When adding or moving a bus stop, we consider:

  • Bus access
  • Safety and security
  • Passenger access
  • Visibility
  • Comfort
  • Proximity to major buildings
  • Location of previous and next bus stop
  • Impact on other vehicle traffic

Have a question or concern about a bus stop? Bus stops are maintained jointly between OC Transpo and the City of Ottawa.

For enquiries about the bus stop or its signage, contact an OC Transpo Customer Service Representative or complete our online feedback form.

For enquiries about garbage cans or snow removal, contact the City of Ottawa by calling 3-1-1 or emailing

Bus shelters and benches

OC Transpo has about 1,400 bus shelters along its routes and over 1,600 benches.

Riders may request a shelter or bench for their bus stop through our online feedback form; all requests are kept on file. When adding a shelter or bench to a bus stop, we consider and rank each request in the following order:

  • Number of boarding passengers
  • Bus stop’s exposure to the weather
  • Waiting time between buses
  • Whether or not the bus stop is a major transfer point between routes
  • Sightlines for pedestrians and traffic
  • Nearby major buildings
  • Physical space at the bus stop
  • Access to underground utilities

Have a question or concern about a bus shelter or bench? Bus shelters are maintained by OC Transpo and benches are maintained by a third-party.

For enquiries about bus shelters or their benches, contact an OC Transpo Customer Service Representative or complete our online feedback form.

To display an advertisement on a bus shelter or bench, contact our advertising business partners.

Partnering with OC Transpo

OC Transpo collaborates with the City of Ottawa and businesses across Canada to provide reliable and quality services.

Selling services or products

All purchasing at OC Transpo is administered by the City of Ottawa’s Supply Services Department.

For enquiries, call 613-580-2424 ext. 25186.

Advertising opportunities

OC Transpo offers advertising spaces on our vehicles and in our bus shelters and stations.

To advertise on a bus or at a station, contact:

Pattison Outdoor Advertising

To advertise in a bus shelter, contact:

Branded Cities

To advertise on a bench or recycling bin, contact:

Creative Outdoor

Art commissions

OC Transpo is a proud participant in the City of Ottawa’s Public Art Program. Supporting local artists for over 30 years, many transit stations and buildings across the city feature commissioned artworks.

For current opportunities, visit the Public Art Program’s website:

Dedication to quality service

OC Transpo is part of the City of Ottawa. Headed by the General Manager, Renée Amilcar, OC Transpo is dedicated to ensuring safe, reliable, and courteous transit for all of our riders.

The Transit Commission meets monthly and City Council meets bi-monthly to develop policies and service upgrades to better support the city and its transit community. All meetings are open to the public and all decisions are open to public scrutiny before approval. An annual service plan is prepared in consultation with the public, employers, school boards, community groups, associations, and transit employees.