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Performance measures FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about OC Transpo’s performance measures.

Q1. How can I download the data?

A1. Download the full dataset in a .csv spreadsheet document.

Q2. Why does data only go back to 2019?

A2. As many of these measures are new, historical data does not exist. As part of OC Transpo’s commitment to provide regular updates on performance, over time these datasets will become more robust.

Q3. I’d like to ask specific questions about the data, who can I contact?

A3. Specific questions regarding the data can be asked by filling out the Customer Feedback form.

Q4. How has COVID-19 impacted these statistics?

A4. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic OC Transpo saw a significant reduction in ridership. This is reflected in ridership statistics and also measures that are based upon ridership (i.e. crime rate per 1,000,000 trips). This impact should be taken into consideration when analyzing any of the statistics generated during the pandemic./p>

Q5. How is this data used by OC Transpo and Council?

A5. OC Transpo and the Transit Commission will use this data to identify potential opportunities for improvement and to determine what initiatives are working well. This data will help drive future evidence-based policy making and service changes. It also supports comparison with the performance of transit agencies around the world.