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Fare-paid zones

When you enter an O-Train station and go through a fare gate, you enter a fare-paid zone (FPZ). You do not need to tap or scan your fare on the train. 

Transfers in FPZs

Transcript and text description

Time Transcript Text description
00:02 [Music] O-Train line 1 stations at Tunney’s Pasture, Hurdman and Blair all have
fare-paid zones to speed up your transfer.
Buses circulating through a bus loop at Tunney’s Pasture station. The text “Fare-paid zone” appears.
00:10 When you arrive at one of these stations on the O-Train, you can head directly to your bus stop. You're in a fare paid zone, Passengers disembark from a train and make their way to the bus platform.
00:15 which means you've already paid. It also
means you can board at both the front and back doors of any bus, including short ones and there's no need to tap.
A bus pulls up and customers board, some from the back doors and others from the front door. They pass in front of the Presto readers but do not tap. The bus pulls away.
00:25 Fare paid zones are all about speeding up your transfer and your trip. Follow these steps and you'll be quickly on your way. OC Transpo logo appears on the screen.

At Blair, Greenboro, Hurdman and Tunney’s Pasture, buses drop you off or pick you up inside the FPZ. You can make your way directly to the train platform. There is then no need to pass through a fare gate.

For transfers from train to bus at these stations: buses will pick you up inside the FPZ with all doors open for fast boarding.

At Bayview station, trains on Line 1 and Line 2 drop you off inside the FPZ.

Transferring at other stations

If you are not transferring at Hurdman, Blair,  Bayview, Tunney’s Pasture, or Greenboro, you need to go through a fare gate before making your way to the train platform.

To open the fare gate, simply tap your smartcard or scan your paper bus transfer.

Proof of payment is required

Fare-paid zone sign

Proof of payment is required in a FPZ.

Keep your transfer or smartcard at hand in case of fare inspection.

Children 7 & under do not need to carry proof of payment.