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Transit fares discounts for eligible people on a low income. Single-ride option and monthly pass available.

About the EquiPass

  • Reduced monthly pass or per-ride fare
  • For persons who are below the low-income threshold
  • The EquiPass monthly pass is about half the cost of an Adult pass ($58.25)
  • The EquiPass single-ride fare is half the cost of a regular fare ($1.75)
  • Only on Presto or ParaPay. The Presto card is free for people who qualify for this program.

Application form


The EquiPass is available to people who have a family income below the low income threshold. The threshold is set by the Government of Canada and is subject to change. In 2022, the 2020 threshold is used to determine eligibility. It has been set at:

Threshold for EquiPass Eligibility
Family size Annual net income
1 person $22,060
2 persons $26,849
3 persons $33,433
4 persons $41,710
5 persons $47,495
6 persons $52,673
7 persons or more $57,852

Your income is based on the Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment (NOA). To find out if you qualify, look at the NOA for your income taxes.

If you don’t have a Notice of Assessment, other documentation can be included in your application instead. For example, if you’re a newcomer to Canada or have never filed income tax, you can still apply for an EquiPass.

If you have questions about whether you are eligible or what documentation is required, e-mail OC Transpo at or contact us.

You should not apply for an EquiPass if:

  • You receive Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits or are 65 or older—the Community pass and Senior pass cost less than the EquiPass.
  • You receive transportation benefits from Social Services (including Ontario Works)—you can apply for an EquiPass when those benefits have been completed.
  • You already receive a U-Pass or a School Board-issued pass—you can apply for an EquiPass for months when you aren’t in school full-time.

Three Steps to Get an EquiPass

Step 1 - Apply

Application forms must be filled out and submitted for processing. You can get an EquiPass application form:

You can only submit your application:

  • In person at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre, City of Ottawa Client Service Centre or Community and Social Support Centre
  • By mail to:
    OC Transpo
    Attn: EquiPass Applications
    925 Belfast Road
    Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z4

You’ll receive a letter advising you of the status of your application within approximately 30 business days of submitting.

Step 2 - Set Your Discount

Bring your approval letter to any OC Transpo Customer Service Centre.

A Customer Service Representative will set the EquiPass discount on a registered Presto card. If you don’t already have a Presto card, you can get one for free with qualification for this program.

The EquiPass is not transferable and can only be used by the approved customer.

Step 3 - Buy

Purchase your EquiPass:

You can also set up an AutoRenew contract, where your EquiPass will load automatically each month. More information on AutoRenew is available on Keep in mind that your AutoRenew contract will automatically cancel when your EquiPass discount expires.

Things to Remember


  • Your EquiPass discount will have an expiry date, which will be listed in the approval letter. You can also check the date online on your Presto account, or in person at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre.
  • You’ll need to reapply for the EquiPass before it expires in order to continue using it.

Approval Times

  • There may be extended approval times at the launch of the program, depending on the number of applications received.
  • OC Transpo will ensure that all customers who qualify receive their discount based on the date the application is received.
  • If you haven’t heard within 30 business days of applying for the EquiPass, you can check on the status of your application by emailing OC Transpo at, or by contacting Customer Service.

Have questions about the EquiPass program? Check out the EquiPass FAQ or contact us for assistance.