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A Gateway to connectivity: New Queensview pedestrian bridge

Image - A Gateway to connectivity: New Queensview pedestrian bridge

Bringing you closer to the exciting future of the O-Train Extension, the Queensview Station welcomes a new addition: the pedestrian bridge. Installed on July 31st, 2023 across Highway 417, this bridge is designed to enhance neighbourhood connectivity and offer you direct access to Queensview Station. 

The Queensview Pedestrian Bridge serves as your gateway, connecting the north side of Highway 417 to Baxter Road on the south side. This means easier access for you, whether you're a transit user, a local, or simply exploring the area. 

More about Queensview Pedestrian Bridge

Queensview bridge marks the 8th pedestrian bridge installed as a part of the O-Train Extension project, spanning 50.2 metres and weighing 64 metric tonnes (MT), which is equivalent to 64,000 kg. To ensure your safety and comfort the bridge will be fully enclosed allowing for convenient and secure passage over the highway. 

This impressive enhancement was made possible through the hard work and efficiency of the construction crew. Curious to see how it all came together? Check out the installation process in this video:

The new Queensview Pedestrian Bridge is set to open its doors once the West Extension begins service, offering accessibility not only to transit users but also to the wider public. 

Queensview station pedestrian bridge construction

Inclusivity at the core 

Accessibility is a cornerstone in the design of the Queensview Pedestrian Bridge. With pathways, ramps, and elevators thoughtfully integrated, the bridge becomes an inclusive conduit. Whether you're walking, pushing a stroller, or using a wheelchair, the bridge accommodates all travellers. 

As the construction journey unfolds and the West O-Train Extension takes shape, it embodies the very essence of the O-Train's core values – simplicity, clarity, and an unwavering dedication to elevating the rider experience. With every foundational piece laid and every connection established, the extension opens a fresh era of travel, uniting neighbourhoods and crafting a more accessible and connected Ottawa. 

Queensview station

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