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OC Transpo’s Bus Route Review

Image - OC Transpo’s Bus Route Review

OC Transpo is committed to delivering the best possible service to customers. The bus route review was launched in January 2023 as part of OC Transpo’s five-year roadmap. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been significant changes to how often and how many customers use transit. This bus route review was used to:

  • Examine and confirm service planning principles
  • Prepare for the opening of O-Train Lines 2 and 4
  • Determine a network design that meets the evolving needs of our customers   
  • Customer consultations and feedback has been an important aspect and informed the bus route review. Multilingual surveys received 8,200 responses. Multiple open houses were also held across the city both virtually and in-person. Major employers and post-secondary institutions were consulted. Feedback from OC Transpo employees was also captured. All the feedback received was summarized in the As We Heard it Report. Bus route changes are detailed in a report to Transit Commission here.

The proposed new bus route network responds to changes in travel patterns and the needs of customers. It will ensure that a sustainable network is implemented to improve service reliability to 99.5%. Bus routes in all areas of the city were reviewed through this project and customers will see a range of improvements and changes to their trips, including:

  • Recalibrated capacity from routes that connect customers from neighbourhoods to downtown.
  • Improved connections between community hubs in neighbourhoods.
  • More frequent service on many important routes in all parts of the city.
  • Service redirected from certain streets with low ridership.
  • Walking distance to bus stops may increase for some customers, and some customers will need to make an additional transfer
  • Faster travel times, taking advantage of O-Train Line 2.

Information for customers on changes to the bus network, including information sessions to increase awareness and understanding of the network, will be shared in the coming months. This web page will be periodically updated with additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions – New Bus Route Network

How was this work done?

The bus route network considered:

  • Industry standards for service planning principles
  • How buses will connect to the Stage 2 O-Train extensions
  • New travel patterns and ridership levels
  • Feedback from customers, residents and stakeholders
  • The City of Ottawa's Equity and Inclusion lens

This work consisted of multiple phases to review transit planning principles and potential adjustments to the bus route network.

Phase 1: Defining the Future of our Bus System

Spring 2023
A multilingual customer survey was launched, and feedback was accepted by phone or email. 8,200 responses were received. Additionally, various open houses in person and virtually were held across the city. The feedback received can be found in the As We Heard it Report.

Phase 2: Designing our Future Bus System

Summer 2023
Based on feedback from the survey and open houses, and guided by updated service planning principles, a transit service and ridership model and design of possible new bus network was created.

What are the next steps?

The bus routes are being finalized. Two more phases will take place during the next few months:

Phase 3: Recommending our Future Bus System

Fall 2023 – November 14, 2023
The new bus network report is presented to Transit Commission. Councillors are working with staff on minor adjustments to the routing in each of their wards.

Phase 4: Implementing our Future Bus System

In the coming months, customers will be provided with more information on how their trip may change. Additionally, there will be information sessions for customers to learn more about the new bus network.

When can I get a map of the new routes?

The network maps are being finalized. Additional information will be provided in the coming months offering customers an early look at how some trips are changing.

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