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OC Transpo’s Bus Route Review

Image - OC Transpo’s Bus Route Review

OC Transpo is committed to delivering the best possible service to customers. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been significant changes to how often and how many customers use transit. With the upcoming opening of Stage 2 O-Train extensions, we are reviewing the transit planning principles that are used to shape the bus route network.

These principles are things like how far you walk to get to a bus stop, how frequently the bus runs, and the maximum number of people on the bus. Once this review is complete, OC Transpo will have an updated service planning framework. This will guide potential changes to the bus route network in 2024, and beyond, that may be considered in light of changing travel patterns and O-Train expansion.    

How are we doing this?

This work consists of multiple phases as planning transit principles are reviewed and potential adjustments are made to the bus route network. Customer feedback is a very important piece of this work. The Bus Route Review will consider: 

  • Industry standards for service planning principles 
  • How buses will connect to Stage 2 O-Train extensions 
  • New travel patterns and ridership levels 
  • Feedback from customers, residents and stakeholders 
  • The City of Ottawa’s Equity and Inclusion lens 

Route review process

Phase 1: Defining the Future of our Bus System

Spring 2023
We held a customer survey and requested feedback by phone and email. We hosted open houses across the city and heard from customers. Stay tuned for more details.

Phase 2: Designing our Future Bus System

Summer 2023
Based on feedback from the survey and open houses, and guided by updated service planning principles, we will create a transit service and ridership model and design possible new bus network scenarios.

Phase 3: Recommending our Future Bus System

Fall 2023
Transit Commission and City Council will be presented with bus network options so they can provide direction on the future of the bus system in Ottawa.

Phase 4: Implementing our Future Bus System