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February 29 Light Rail Sub-Committee Update Recap

Image - February 29 Light Rail Sub-Committee Update Recap

We’re back at the first Light Rail Sub-Committee of 2024. Missed the meeting? Get the highlights here!

Progress on the O-Train Extension Project continues to be seen across Ottawa. This year will be another big year for the expansion of the O-Train network with the opening of Lines 2 and 4, testing and commissioning in the east, and tunnel progress in the west.

O-Train East Extension

In 2023, crews completed track installation and are now focused on completing the installation of the overhead catenary system (OCS). Construction on stations and pedestrian bridges continues to advance.  On the night of February 25, the first Alstom Citadis train travelled past Blair Station to Montréal Station, marking the beginning of testing in the east. Handover of the system and launch of the East extension is planned for 2025.

First train testing on the Blair to Highway 174 Flyover on February 25.

First train testing on the Blair to Highway 174 Flyover on February 25.

O-Train West Extension

In the west, track installation and station construction continue to progress. Excavation of the cut and cover tunnels that run beneath Kichi Zìbì Mìkan and Connaught are complete with the structure anticipated to be completed later this year. Work to backfill the tunnel will continue and the start of trackwork inside the tunnel will begin in 2024. This summer, the Pinecrest Stormwater Management Pond will be complete, blending into the landscape and improving stormwater management in the community.

Cut and cover tunnel structure complete beneath Kichi Zìbì Mìkan Parkway.

Cut and cover tunnel structure complete beneath Kichi Zìbì Mìkan Parkway.

O-Train South Extension

On the O-Train South extension, station construction is almost complete, and train and signal testing along the line is ongoing.  Training of the Diesel Rail Operators and additional staff is also taking place.

In addition, bus loop testing has been successfully completed at Limebank, Bowesville and Leitrim stations.

Testing of signals, vehicles and communications systems as well as operator training continues in the lead up to opening the system in 2024. For more information on project schedule, watch our Director of Rail Construction, Michael Morgan, provide an update here.Bus loop testing at Limebank StationBus loop testing at Limebank Station.

Public Inquiry Action Plan Update

An update on the Public Inquiry Action Plan was provided to the sub-committee. Of the 95 recommendations that are the City’s responsibility, 89 have now been completed or have been incorporated into City policies for implementation in all future projects. Lessons learned c incorporated into current and future City projects.

For more updates on the O-Train extension, check out our new project website here.

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