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Interac® Debit is coming soon to O‑Payment

Image - Interac® Debit is coming soon to O‑Payment

O-Payment is expanding. Soon you will be able to tap your Interac® Debit card on all OC Transpo buses and at all fare gates!

Testing has begun and during this time, you will see the Interac Debit logo on the fare reader screen. For now, continue to use your existing payment methods to pay for your fare. Check back for updates on when Interac Debit is available!  

How will it work?

Interac Debit can be tapped at all fare gates at stations and all fare readers on buses. When paying a fare with your Interac Debit, you can easily transfer between buses and trains.  Just like your credit card and credit card on mobile wallet, your Interac Debit card will be charged a regular Adult fare. Daily and monthly fare capping will automatically be applied to Interac Debit.

Important things to know:

While Interac Debit is accepted on Para Transpo minibuses, it cannot be used to transfer to and from buses and trains. This is because the fare readers are different than the buses and trains. Interac Debit will also not be accepted on STO. For transfers and discounted fares, Presto is your best option.

Track your payments on the O-Payment website

Register for an O-Payment account to track your trips, payments, or print receipts. Before registering, or to add a new card to an existing account, you must first complete a trip on O-Train or a bus using a credit card or mobile wallet. Visit the Getting started section of our O-Payment page for details.

Once you have registered your account, you'll also find details on any transfers, daily caps or monthly caps that have been applied.

Please contact OC Transpo Customer Service at 613-560-5000 for specific questions about credit card charges.

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