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Introducing The Next Stop Blog

Image - Introducing <em>The Next Stop Blog</em>

We did it. We’ve launched a blog.

If it were 1999, this would be cutting edge.

We recognize the year is 2023 and a TikTok account would have been more timely. We’re not ruling that out, we just need to work on our choreography.  

We also recognize that you, our customers, have lots of questions. We’re working to rebuild your trust and we understand that communication is an important part of this journey.  

What is The Next Stop Blog?

The Next Stop Blog is your destination for OC Transpo stories and explainers. We want you to get to know OC Transpo. Not a little better, but a lot better.  

We want to tell you more about your journey as we take you to your destination. We have exciting stories to tell from the people who are trying to make your trip better every day.  

Just like calling out your stop, we’ll be sharing what you can expect next as we work to make travelling on OC Transpo more efficient and convenient.  

Here you’ll get behind the scenes looks at our operations that you normally don’t read or hear about. We’ll spotlight members of our team who play a role in getting you to your destination. You will also get a first glance at how we’re working to improve public transit in Ottawa.  

Catch up on OC Transpo’s latest stories and explainers.

Check out The Next Stop Blog

We want to hear from you!

Like anything else happening at OC Transpo we want your feedback. Good or bad because that’s what makes us better.

We have an exciting line-up of stories planned, but don’t hesitate to let us know what you want to hear about. If you have a tip, let us know!

So please hop on, let’s have some fun and enjoy the ride!