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June 29 Transit Commission Update

Image - June 29 Transit Commission Update

Transit Commission receives OC Transpo’s 5-year roadmap

Our rail network is growing and so too is the excitement for the opening of Lines 2 and 4. 

It was a busy day for us at Transit Commission on June 29. We provided updates on Stage 2 marketing, our five-year roadmap, recruitment, and much more! 

You can watch the presentation here or check out the highlights below.  

Expanding your connections in Ottawa

We want you to be prepared and excited for the launch of O-Train Line 2 to Riverside South and Line 4 to the Airport as well as for the future openings of extensions to the east and west. Our communications and marketing plan will make sure that you get all the information you need to navigate each new rail line. 

Our plan includes a new website, social media, paid advertising, partnerships with local organizations and community events.  

Ridership on O-Train Line 1 and Buses.

Establishing our Five-Year Roadmap

Our five year roadmap includes 22 initiatives that will guide how we will modernize and grow while not letting service reliability and customer satisfaction slip.

Bus and Para Transpo operator recruitment

Ridership on O-Train Line 1 and Buses.

Efforts to hire additional bus and Para Transpo operators are moving full steam ahead. Transit Commission learned today that so far in 2023, over 131 new conventional bus operators and 19 new Para Transpo operators have completed their training.  

Ridership Update

O-Train and conventional bus ridership was reported at 4.8 million customer-trips, which is an increase of 1.2 million when compared to May 2022. Para Transpo ridership, at 67,000 customer-trips, has reached its highest level since before the pandemic. 

Ridership on O-Train Line 1 and Buses.

On-demand transit pilot

OC Transpo will launch an on-demand transit pilot project which will look at providing dynamic routing and scheduling updates to help reduce wait and travel times for customers. The target launch date for the pilot is late fall 2023 and will begin with weekend-only service. 

Once the pilot is completed, Transit Commission will receive a business plan with recommendations on how to proceed.   

Transcript and descriptive text



Text Description

0:03 The O-Train is moving forward.

The OC Transpo logo transitions to the O-Train rondelle. The rondelle begins rolling forward, picking up speed, creating a motion blur that turns into a red gradient line. The background turns dark as the gradient wipes the screen.

0:06 It’s growing and improving.

The rondelle rolls forward faster, ascends sharply, and then goes through a loop. The red gradient line transitions to yellow as it goes through the loop.

0:08 It’s expanding and creating opportunities. The yellow line overlaps the red line and continues moving.
0:14 It’s vibrant and connected. Yellow line transitions to a green line as it loops and continues moving upwards.
0:18 From north to south, east to west, The green line transitions to a blue line as it loops. The motion begins to slow and zooms out to reveal that these lines and gradients make up a system map. Each line is identified by a number: number 1 is the red line, number 2 is the green line, number 3 is the yellow line, and number 4 is the blue line.
0:21 bringing the city together.

Line numbers fade. Station dots pop up representing stations on the map.

Line 1 runs through Algonquin, Tunney’s Pasture, and Parliament stations.

Line 2 runs through Limebank and South Keys stations.

Line 3 runs through Moodie and Trim stations.

Line 4 runs between South Keys and Airport stations.

The end of line 4 is marked by an icon of an airplane to represent Ottawa International Airport.

Line 2 is marked with an icon of the Parliament buildings to represent Parliament Hill.

In the left hand corner a compass with the arrow pointing North. In the right hand corner the word “Ottawa” appears.

0:26 The O-train will move you. Cut back to a gray rondelle with a white dot in the middle, stationary on a colourful gradient line. The white dot dislodges from the rondelle and starts to move along the gradient line.
0:28 From station to station The dot moves between stations, then suddenly speeds up and shoots out of frame.
0:29 and line to line. The dot remerges on a blue line, shooting downward. The dot bounces from the blue line to the yellow line to the green line. The dot moves upward until it connects with the red line. The dot magnetizes to a station for a moment before continuing on its way.
0:33 You’ll also make connections along the way. The dot meets another dot along the way. Zoom in on the dots excitedly circling around each other.
0:39 Get to work or school, shop, start a vacation.

The dots zoom off in opposite directions.

Cut to a pulsing network of colourful lines with one dot.

The dot multiplies into 4 dots and each dot zips off in a different direction on Line 1, 2, 3, or 4.

0:43 Come together with friends.

Cut to four dots, each on a coloured line, coming together.

Each dot magnetizes to a station at the end of their line.

0:44 Or simply enjoy the ride. One of the dots zips to the left and off-screen. There is a series of cut scenes as the dot blasts by on a variety of coloured lines.
0:48 The O-train expansion is happening now.

The dot enters the frame on the red line, then loops around, creating a circle. The number 1 appears in the centre of the circle.

The circle transitions to green and a number 2 appears.

The circle transitions to yellow and a number 3 appears.

The circle transitions to blue and a number 4 appears.
0:52 Connections move us. The tagline and O-Train logo resolve on screen as the multicolour lines wipe the screen, transitioning to the OC Transpo logo.

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