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March 18, Transit Commission Update

Image - March 18, Transit Commission Update

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the March 18 Transit Commission meeting, The Next Stop Blog has the details.

Shout out to Transit Operators and employees

Say thanks to Transit Operators and Workers

Each day OC Transpo operators and transit employees work hard to get you to where you need to be.

March 18 is Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day, and more than 3,000 OC Transpo employees were applauded by Transit Commission for their hard work. This is an annual opportunity to celebrate and thank Canada’s transit workers for their dedication to move people safely around our cities.

Watch the video here.

Electrifying news for the Zero Emission Bus Program

The report is in, and OC Transpo’s Zero Emission Bus Program is charging up a storm and demonstrating that battery electric buses continue to be a viable replacement for diesel buses.

The four battery electric buses that joined OC Transpo in February 2022 have been performing successfully and are approaching almost 500,000 kilometres on the road.

The electric buses have been operating on routes longer than 10 hours and regularly driving distances exceeding 200 kilometres.

One of the biggest benefits OC Transpo has experienced is the fuel savings of 25,000 litres per bus, per year, since these electric buses hit the road two years ago.

For more information on the program, you can read the ZEB update here. You can also check out the City’s Climate Change Master Plan and how this program contributes to achieving greenhouse gas emission targets.

More E-Buses on the way

Twenty-two of the expected 102 new battery electric buses are scheduled to arrive between October and December 2024 with an additional 29 buses in place by the end of 2025.

Staff are working on an agreement to purchase 51 additional buses and will continue to provide regular updates. Infrastructure work to prepare building facilities for the maintenance and storage of the new buses is also underway.

Transit Ridership

An update was also provided on transit ridership. In January 2024 OC Transpo delivered 6 million trips. During the month of February, O-Train Line 1 service delivery was 98.8 per cent and conventional bus service delivery was 98.7 per cent. Last month Para Transpo ridership was at 68,900 total customer-trips.

New Ways to Bus

Transit Commission also learned that later this year OC Transpo will launch a new bus network, focused on frequency, local service in your neighbourhood, and connections to O-Train Lines 1 and 2 and key destinations. The new bus network responds to changes in customers’ travel needs and ridership patterns and is a big step towards meeting our service reliability target of 99.5 per cent. See the New Ways to Bus presentation here.

Visit to learn more about New Ways to Bus, view route-by-route changes, and explore the new system map.

The next update to Transit Commission will be in April 2024.