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New way to pay at Line 1 stations

Image - New way to pay at Line 1 stations

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0:00 A new touchless way to pay fares is coming to OC Transpo! Individual holds their wrist watch next to the card reader at the fare gate.
0:04 During the test period, you can pay for an Adult single-ride fare by tapping the specially marked fare gate with your Visa or Mastercard. Mayor Jim Watson approaches the fare gate and taps a credit card on the card reader.
0:13 Your smart phone. Transit Chair Hubley approaches the fare gate and holds a mobile phone next to the card reader.
0:16 Or your smart watch.
Give it a try!
OC Transpo General Manager John Manconi approaches fare gate and holds a smart watch next to the card reader.
0:19 We are already working on future upgrades that will bring contactless debit payments to the system. Masked individual taps a credit card and walks through the fare gate into the station.
0:25 During the test period, it’s available at one fare gate on the west side of Rideau Station. View of the contactless payment card reader. View of the fare gate screen showing accepted payment types of: Presto, barcode transfer, multi-card, Visa credit card, Mastercard credit card, Google Pay, and Apply Pay. View of the fare gate's payment accepted screen. Followed by individual holding their smart card to the card reader and walking through the fare gate.
0:31 But we’ll eventually roll it out to every O-Train station later in 2022. Aerial view of Bayview Station with a Line 1 train departing.
0:38 And every bus too. Bus driving over a bridge with TD Place at Lansdowne in the background.
0:40 The trial is a partnership with Scheidt & Bachmann and will give OC Transpo one of the most advanced fare payment systems in Canada. Masked individual exits an elevator and walks toward the fare gate holding a mobile phone.
0:50 Visit for more information. City of Ottawa and OC Transpo logos appear on the screen.

We're introducing a new way to pay your fare at O-Train Line 1 Stations. As a trial, you can tap to pay with your credit card and smartphone mobile wallet at one of the fare gates. Only single-ride Adult fares will be charged at the gate during the trial period, and no transfers will be issued.

We invite everyone to give it a try!

Tap to pay

Tap to pay for a single-ride Adult fare with:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Google Pay*
  • Apple Pay*

*Only if loaded with Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

The following cards are not accepted:

  • American Express
  • Visa gift card
  • Mastercard gift card
  • Visa debit
  • Mastercard debit
  • Debit

Tapping tip

Tap your card or phone, not your wallet, to prevent "card clash" when paying.

You cannot tap to pay for other fare types, including discounted fares, monthly passes, and DayPasses, during the trial period.

Transactions will appear on your credit card statement. If you have any questions about charges, call Customer Service at 613-560-5000.

No transfers issued

During the trial period, no transfers will be issued when paying with the new option. Transfers can only be made in fare-paid zones where you do not need to show your fare again.

Transfers for fares paid by tapping credit cards or smartphones will be available in 2022, based on the results of this trial.

Where to tap

Tap to pay at the accessible fare gate. All regular payment options (Presto, U-Pass, barcode transfers) continue to work at this fare gate too.

Tap your credit card or smartphone mobile wallet on the front or the top card reader. 

'Tap here' image to show which card reader to use.

Click the image above for a closer look.