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April 22 2024 to Mid May 2024: Notice of Upcoming Reconfiguration of Richmond Road

As part of the Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, work will be completed on a section of Byron Avenue between Sherbourne Road and Redwood Avenue to build a temporary crossover linking motor vehicle traffic from Byron Avenue to Richmond Road. During this work, Byron Avenue will be closed between Sherbourne Road and Redwood Avenue. 
Construction of a temporary crossover linking Byron Avenue with Richmond Road, as well as construction of a sidewalk, curb and bus stop platform.
Monday, April 22 until mid May, 2024
Road reconfiguration required for advancement of the Stage 2 OLRT project.
Richmond Road and Byron Avenue between Sherbourne Road and Redwood Avenue.
Grey map with a blue line indicating the suggested detour route on Byron between Wavell and Lockhart. The closed portion of the road is shown in a red box with diagonal lines.
Suggested Route
Motorists travelling eastbound on Byron Avenue will turn left onto Lockhart Avenue and then turn right onto Richmond Road. They will then proceed east on Richmond Road until reaching Wavell Avenue, where they will turn right to rejoin Byron Avenue.  
Motorists travelling westbound on Byron Avenue will turn right onto Wavell Avenue and then turn left onto Richmond Road. They will then proceed west on Richmond Road until reaching Lockhart Avenue where they will turn left to rejoin Byron Avenue. 
Anticipated Impacts

Excavation, grading, backfilling and paving work that could include use of excavators, bulldozers, and compactors. Trucks bringing granular material and concrete, as well as hauling away excavated materials may be visible and noise from this equipment will be audible. These trucks will be equipped with broadband alarms to minimize noise when reversing. Some rock grinding and rock chipping may take place. Crews will be completing this work using hand tools only. There is currently no hoe ramming/rock breaking expected for this work. Dust resulting from excavation and backfilling may be present in the vicinity of the work site. Street sweepers will be deployed regularly to ensure roads are clean and dust mitigation measures will be in place. Site lighting may be required for some early morning/evening work and will be turned off when not in use. Generators may be in use during the day and will be turned off at night when not needed. Motorists should adhere to detours, traffic control signage, posted speed limits, allow for added travel time and use extra caution when moving through active construction corridors as traffic patterns change.

Pedestrians and cyclists should use extra caution and adhere to posted signage when localized detours are in-place, to ensure safety.
The safety of the public and workers is paramount. Thank you for your patience during construction.
Accessibility is an important consideration for the Stage 2 LRT project. The Stage 2 team makes every effort to provide access through and around construction sites. If you require special accommodation, please contact
Future work is required in this area. Additional construction updates, such as changes to work sequencing and the duration or impact of this work will be communicated via the Stage 2 project e-newsletter. To receive these electronic updates please sign up at and select updates for “Sherbourne Station”. For other accommodations, or questions, contact:
Stakeholder Relations,
Rail Construction Program,
City of Ottawa