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Tap and ride with O-Payment!

Image - Tap and ride with O-Payment!

All fare readers on buses and fare gates at O-Train Line 1 stations now support payment by credit card and mobile wallet with O-Payment!

Transcript and text description



Text description


Animated O reveals dancers in front of a Line 1 station



A customer enters the scene walking toward the fare gates; the dancers hold up oversized credit cards and mobile wallets and direct him toward the fare gates

Have you heard the news?


The customer walks toward the fare gates with the dancers in the background

Now can tap your credit card 


Close up of customer tapping their mobile wallet on fare gate

and mobile wallet to pay for a ride on OC Transpo.

Electronic Beep


Customer passes through gates


Customer walks through station followed by dancers with oversize credit cards and mobile wallets 

Just tap Visa or MasterCard for one adult fare 


Dancers outside bus spin and tap oversized credit cards and mobile wallets on side of bus

on all O-Train fare gates and on all buses


Customer enters bus, taps credit card on reader 

Text on screen reads: $11.25

Tap and ride all day and it will never cost you more than the price of a day pass

Electronic Beep


Customer proceeds down stairs in Line 1 station; dancers follow with oversized credit cards and mobile wallet 

Text on screen reads: $125.50

Tap and ride every day


Overhead view of dancers holding oversized credit cards and mobile wallets over their heads then all tapping their cards/wallets toward the centre 

and will never cost you more than an adult monthly pass.


Overhead view of dancers running in a circle with oversized credit cards and mobile wallets over their heads, then exiting off camera

O-Payment from OC Transpo...


Animated circle appears where dancers were, 

Tap and ride.


Animated circle resolves into O-Payment logo which animates to reveal the O-Payment, OC Transpo, VISA and Mastercard logos 


Music ends

How does it work?

When you tap your credit card or mobile wallet, the screen on the fare reader or fare gate will turn green and show "Accepted". You will be charged a regular Adult fare. Paper transfers are not issued for O-Payment.

Tap using the same credit card or mobile wallet to transfer between trips on buses and the O-Train. You won’t be charged again as long as you are within the regular transfer window.

O-Payment is not available on STO and cannot be used to transfer to Para Transpo. Presto is still your best option if you:

  • regularly transfer between OC Transpo and STO.
  • regularly transfer between buses, the O-Train and Para Transpo.
  • are eligible for a discounted fare.

The following payment types are accepted:

  • Visa card
  • Mastercard
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

The following cards are not accepted:

  • American Express
  • Prepaid credit cards
  • Visa gift card
  • Mastercard gift card
  • Visa debit
  • Mastercard debit
  • *Debit

Ride as much as you want!

If you tap outside of the transfer window, you will be charged another Adult fare. But you’ll never be charged more than the price of a DayPass over a period of a day. Each month, you will not be charged more than the price of an Adult monthly pass. The fare is calculated each night and then charged to your card.

OC Transpo is the first transit agency in Canada to introduce daily and monthly fare capping for credit card and mobile wallet payments.

Track your payments on the O-Payment website

Register for an O-Payment account to track your trips, payments, or print receipts. Before registering, or to add a new card to an existing account, you must first complete a trip on O-Train or a bus using a credit card or mobile wallet. Visit the Getting started section of our O-Payment page for details.

Once you have registered your account, you'll also find details on any transfers, daily caps or monthly caps that have been applied.

Please contact OC Transpo Customer Service at 613-560-5000 for specific questions about credit card charges.

Sign in to O-Payment

Looking ahead

Interac Debit will be coming in 2024.