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Service Changes

Summer service change banner

Summer service starts Sunday, June 28, 2020.


OC Transpo will resume full summer service starting Sunday, June 28 to keep customers and employees safer as more people begin using transit.

  • All routes will be in service, with some seasonal adjustments.
  • School services will not operate.
  • New routing on the 55
  • Bus stop changes at Blair, Lincoln Fields, and Place d'Orléans Stations.
  • Line 2 Bus service running since May 3 as Line 2 has closed for O-Train expansion
  • Detours on Rideau St. since April 26
  • Rack & Roll returns on all Rapid routes and many other routes.
  • Special Summer weekend service to Petrie Island on route 139 returns.
  • Route 25 extension to Canada Aviation and Space Museum and Route 185 to Canada Agriculture Museum are suspended until museums reopen.
  • Customer Service Centre located in the Rideau Centre will reopen with reduced hours starting June 29th.
  • Current and upcoming construction detours

Schedule and service changes

OC Transpo will implement summer service adjustments starting on Sunday, June 28, to coincide with the City’s plan to end emergency measures.

  • All routes will be in service and will operate the same route network that was in place from January to March 2020.
  • School services will not operate.
  • Bus operations at Blair, Hurdman and Tunney’s Pasture stations will be controlled and closely monitored to ensure the flow of buses into these major transfer stations does not result in unhealthy overcrowding of station waiting areas and platforms.
  • The Customer Service Centre (CSC) at the Rideau Centre opens June 29, with reduced hours, in order to provide in-person services for OC Transpo customers. Temporary hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM until 7PM, and Sunday 11AM until 7PM.
  • CSC staff will work behind barrier shields for their protection, customer queues will be managed and any additional health and safety measures will be implemented following the City’s corporate standards for the reopening of all client service centres.

Use the Travel Planner or view the route schedules to check if your regular trips are affected.

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Frequency adjustments

Schedules on many routes have been adjusted to match the frequency of trips with Summer ridership levels, and to make schedules more reliable. These service improvements include:

  • Adding or removing trips on the route
  • Adjusting the time between trips on the route
  • Adjusting the trip times for routes that serve the same stop

Morning trips

Trips during the morning on weekdays are adjusted on these routes:

  • Rapid Route 61
  • Rapid Route 62
  • Rapid Route 64
  • Rapid Route 98
  • Frequent Route 10
  • Frequent Route 12
  • Frequent Route 25
  • Local Route 16
  • Local Route 30
  • Limited Local Route 33
  • Limited Local Route 37
  • Connexion Route 233
  • Connexion Route 228
  • Connexion Route 264

Afternoon trips

Trips during the afternoon on weekdays are adjusted on these routes:

  • Rapid Route 61
  • Rapid Route 62
  • Frequent Route 10
  • Frequent Route 25
  • Frequent Route 111
  • Limited Local Route 33
  • Local Route 35
  • Connexion Route 222
  • Connexion Route 233
  • Connexion Route 257
  • Connexion Route 264
  • Connexion Route 267
  • Connexion Route 270
  • Connexion Route 271
  • Connexion Route 272
  • Connexion Route 273
  • Connexion Route 277
  • Connexion Route 278

Evening trips

Trips during the evening on weekdays are adjusted on these routes:

  • Rapid Route 64
  • Frequent Route 10

Additional weekday seasonal reductions

Service and capacity will be reduced compared to normal winter and spring service levels in various time periods on these routes:

  • 75Rapid Route
  • 99Limited Rapid Route
  • 6Frequent Route
  • 7Frequent Route
  • 40Frequent Route
  • 44Frequent Route
  • 90Frequent Route
  • 15Limited Local route
  • 38Local Route
  • 66Limited Local route
  • 82Local Route
  • 86Local Route
  • 96Local Route
  • Connexion Route 235
  • Connexion Route 236
  • Connexion Route 251
  • Connexion Route 256
  • 2Line 2 Bus

Weekend trips

Trips during the weekend are adjusted on these routes:

  • Frequent Route 11
  • Local Route 16
  • Limited Local Route 139
  • Night Route 39

New routing and route extensions

Route 55

All trips, in both directions, will follow a new routing starting April 19 to improve service in Sandy Hill:

  • Previous routing: Took Lees Ave. to Mann Ave., then to Greenfield Ave.
  • New routing: Takes Lees Ave. to Chapel St., then to Mann Ave., then to Greenfield Ave.

Full Route 55 details

Get your new Route 55 Travel Plan

Route 55 map effective June 28, 2020.

Click the map to enlarge.

Route 9

The current detour of Sussex Dr. to Murray St., then to Dalhousie St., then to Bruyère St., then back onto Sussex Dr. will become the permanent routing on June 28.

Full Route 9 details

Summer Special Service

Special weekend service to these local attractions:

Petrie Island (Route 139), trips running from 9 am to 6:30 pm every 30 min (approx.)

  • Limited Local Route 139

Changes to route start points

During the morning, some trips on these routes will have a starting point earlier in the route:

  • Frequent Route 11
  • Local Route 16
  • Connexion Route 228

Bus stop changes

At Blair, Lincoln Field, and Place d'Orléans Stations, bus stops are changing to reduce platform crowding and to group neighbourhood routes together at one stop.

Routes affected by bus stop changes as of June 28
Station Affected routes Details

BlairRead more about stop changes

Limited Local Route 33Local Route 35Limited Local Route 37Limited Local Route 38Connexion Route 221Connexion Route 231Connexion Route 237
Lincoln Fields Local Route 58Local Route 82
Place d'Orléans Limited Local Route 31Limited Local Route 33Local Route 35Limited Local Route 37Limited Local Route 38Rapid Route 39Local Route 131Local Route 138Connexion Route 232Connexion Route 234Limited Local Route 302Limited Local Route 405

Line 2 closure and Line 2 Bus service

R2 symbol

O-Train Line 2 is now closed for approx. 2 years in preparation for Stage 2.

The last day of O-Train service on Line 2 was Saturday May 2.

Effective Sunday, May 3:

  • A replacement bus service will serve bus stops at or near all Line 2 stations.
  • Most Line 2 stations will be closed, except for Bayview and Greenboro.
  • Ticket machines, information telephones, and emergency call boxes will be available at Bayview and Greenboro.

Read more about Line 2's closure and replacement bus service

Rideau St. Renewal Project

Artistic rendering of Rideau St. with wide sidewalks and a bicycle lane.

Effective April 26, Rideau St. is closed from Sussex Dr. to Dalhousie St. for a street renewal project.

O-Train Line 1 and Rideau Station will remain open. Pedestrians will be able to access Rideau Station throughout the closure.

These routes will be detoured until Rideau St. re-opens in late 2020:

  • Frequent Route 6
  • Frequent Route 7
  • Frequent Route 12
  • Frequent Route 14
  • Local Route 5
  • Limited Local Route 15
  • Limited Local Route 17
  • Local Route 18
  • Limited Local Route 114
  • Limited Local Route 602
  • Limited Local Route 624
  • Night Route 39
  • Night Route 45
  • Night Route 57
  • Night Route 61
  • Night Route 75
  • Night Route 97

STO bus stops on Rideau will also relocate close by.

Read more about Rideau Street's closure and transit detours.

Rack & Roll is here!

The Rack & Roll program returns again this spring! Starting in May, these bus routes will be equipped with a bike rack:

  • Rapid Route 39
  • Rapid Route 45
  • Rapid Route 57
  • Rapid Route 61
  • Rapid Route 62
  • Rapid Route 63
  • Rapid Route 74
  • Rapid Route 75
  • Rapid Route 97
  • Rapid Route 98
  • Rapid Route 99
  • Frequent Route 12
  • Frequent Route 25
  • Frequent Route 85
  • Frequent Route 88
  • Limited Local Route 15
  • Local Route 35
  • Local Route 55

NCC Outdoor Wellness Project - Bikedays

From now until Sunday, September 6, the westbound lane of Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway will be closed to motor vehicles as part of the NCC Outdoor Wellness Project. Every Saturday and Sunday this summer, between 8 am and 4 pm, only cyclists will be able to access the westbound lane.

Route(s): 57, 61, 62, 63, 74, 75, 83, 87 (Westbound Only) will be detoured during theses events with minimal impacts to service. Check the Alerts page on Saturday and Sunday mornings for more information about this detour.

Bus stops affected

Bus Stops (560#) NOT in use Route(s) Alternate Service
# 3013 -- Dominion Station (1A) 57, 61, 62, 63, 74, 75, 83, 87 # 4922 -- Richmond (North-side) and Golden
# 3014 -- Lincoln Fields Station (1A, 1B) 57, 61, 62, 63, 74, 75, 83 # 3014 -- Lincoln Fields Station (4B)
# 3014 -- Lincoln Fields Station (3A, 5A) 57
# 4944 -- Woodroffe (West-side) / Saunders 87 # 6244 -- Woodroffe / Knightsbridge
# 1832 -- Woodroffe (West-side) / Richmond

Read more about NCC Bikedays on

Construction detours

Work on Ottawa roads and bridges continues into the spring and could lead to service delays and detours. Check the Alerts page for a full list of ongoing and planned detours.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest service updates: @OCTranspoLive.