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Service Changes

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Summer service begins Sunday, June 26, 2022


  • Portions of the Transitway, (between Tunney's Pasture and Dominion stations, and from Iris Street to Navaho Drive) will close permanently as part of Stage 2 construction.
  • School service will be removed for the duration of the summer.
  • Weekend service to summer destinations (Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Petrie Island, and the Canada Agriculture Museum) will return.

Holiday service

Service information for upcoming holidays
Holiday Date Service information
Canada Day Friday, July 1
  • O-Train Line 1 will operate on a special Friday schedule with increased evening frequency.
  • Bus service will operate on a Sunday schedule, with additional buses available to provide more capacity on busy routes where needed.
  • Line 2 buses will operate a special Canada Day service.
Civic Holiday Monday, August 1
  • O-Train Line 1 will operate on a reduced weekday schedule.
  • Buses will operate on a Sunday schedule with increased frequency on busy routes. Select trips on Routes 61, 63, and 75 will be extended to/from Gatineau in peak periods.

Stage 2 construction

Tunney's Pasture and Dominion stations

The Transitway between Tunney's Pasture and Dominion stations will permanently close.

Westboro Station stops 1A, 1B, 2A, 4A will be closed and routes will service new stops Westboro A and B on the newly extended Scott Street.

Transitioning portions of the Transitway for Stage 2 involves some preparatory work. As a result, short-term detours will also be required a few days before. 

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Iris Street to Navaho Drive

The Transitway between Iris Street and Navaho Drive will permanently close.

Iris 2A platform will be relocated to the west along the south curb of the Transitway, across from Iris 1A. Several routes will be affected.

Transitioning the Transitway for new service involves relocating Iris 2A. As a result, short-term detours will also be required during the weeks surrounding the service change date.

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Schedule improvements & adjustments

These adjustments reflect seasonal changes in ridership and improvements to service for our customers. Some trip times will be adjusted throughout the network for improved scheduling efficiency.

Use the Travel Planner or view the route schedules to check if your regular trips are affected.

Routes with service improvements and adjustments
Route Service information
Limited Local Route 27
  • Three round trips will be added to depart St-Laurent Station at approximately 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 2:00 pm.
  • The route will be adjusted to travel via Wanaki, Mikinak, and Codd’s roads. This will bring service closer to customers in new areas of Wateridge, including Veterans’ House.

Route 27 map

Frequent Route 40
  • Off-peak service will be adjusted to operate along Johnston, while weekday peak service will remain along Tapiola.

Route 40 map

Local Route82
  • The Saturday eastbound 10:00 am trip and westbound 4:15 pm trip will be removed.

Route 82 map

Local Route93
  • Service will be adjusted to operate along Bradwell Way instead of White Alder.

Route 93 map

Limited Local Route 162

Saturdays: The first two trips of the day in either direction will shift 8 minutes earlier to better offset Route 62 service between Terry Fox and Tanger Outlets.

  • The first southbound trip will depart Terry Fox Station at 7:42 am.
  • The first northbound trip will depart Stittsville at 8:10 am.

Seasonal adjustments

The following routes will have summer seasonal frequency reductions:

  • Frequent Route 25
  • Rapid Route 82Rapid Rout
  • Frequent Route 87

School service

School service will be removed for the duration of the summer. This includes 600-series routes and special trips on regular routes. We will continue to provide service to the English school boards, where needed, until the last day of school.  Service to the French school boards will resume when school reopens in late summer. The special school trips on the following routes will not operate this summer:

  • Rapid Route 96
  • Rapid Route 99Rapid Rout
  • Frequent Route 171
  • 173

Summer weekend service

Routes that operate special service to summer destinations on weekends
Route Service information Schedule & map
Frequent Route 25

To the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

  Schedule for Route 25

Limited Local Route 139

To Petrie Island

Map for Route 139  Schedule for Route 139

Limited Local Route 185

To the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Map for Route 185  Schedule for Route 185